WWF and Natalia Przybysz together for Polish nature

Privately protected areas are still a mysterious and little-known way to preserve the most valuable places in Poland. WWF, in collaboration with Natalia Przybysz, has recorded a music video in one of such places. In this way we want to talk about how well and effectively we can protect nature.

Private reserves as support

Private protected areas – also known as private reserves – are an important part of environmental protection in many countries. Such areas exist in Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Kenya, and Australia, among others. Also in Poland. Their existence supports and develops other forms of conservation. They are an extension of the existing ecological shelters and corridors. Creating new protected areas supports ecosystem services provided by the environment – purifying air and water, supplying raw materials and food, protecting health and improving well-being, providing energy, protecting against the effects of drought and flooding, and many others.

WWF Polska and Natalia Przybysz together on nature conservation

Although there are also private protected areas in Poland, this form of nature protection is not well known in Poland. One of those areas is in Owczary in the county. lubuskie. It belongs to the Naturalists’ Club and although at first glance it may seem like an ordinary meadow, it is also a place of rare and endangered plants and a home to many animals. WWF Poland together with Natalia Przybysz recorded a music video for the song “Heard”. The music video will premiere on June 20. We show the relationship between humans and nature, we also give a close-up of what is difficult to see – we see close-ups of the species that live in this meadow.

“The text, composed of two different passages in Kora’s notebooks, meant to me at first a sensual conversation between lovers. Now, in the context of the WWF campaign, I’m thinking of a tender conversation with Mother Earth. After all, love is the common quality that binds us all and binds us to nature – it’s a soothing feeling.” – says Natalia Przybysz.

Who can create such places? It can be done by individuals, organizations and even companies. WWF Poland works for such areas – we want to increase the knowledge about it, introduce the topic to the public discussion, show good examples from the country and the world. Talk about the benefits we get from nature conservation, but also about the challenges the environment faces.

Why should we act?

Man is transforming nature at an alarming rate. The surface of natural and semi-natural areas disappears. Aside from Antarctica, only 23% of the land and 13% of the oceans can now be classified as natural, which is almost 10% less than 20 years ago! In its place, new residential areas, factories and other investments appear, as well as plantations and arable land. We need space and resources, but we are still a long way from the planet in a sustainable way. Nature needs breath, she needs protection.

“Private protected areas are not new, they have been around the world for decades. But now, more than ever, we must approach nature conservation in solidarity and responsibility – from the individual, to organisations, to business and governments – especially the latter two have a huge responsibility.” – explains Rafał Jankowski from the WWF Poland Foundation – “Fortunately, we have more and more knowledge and tools to support the environment. One of those solutions is privately protected areas”

What does WWF do for Privately Protected Areas?

We have less and less time to act, so we need effective and proven methods to protect the most valuable places. Therefore, WWF and its partners want to collect and organize knowledge about Private Protected Areas – on June 22 there will be a presentation of the Polish version of the IUCN guidelines on PPA (Private Protected Areas) combined with a meeting on this topic. We also analyze areas that can be restored and protected, we draw up guidelines for afforestation and we contribute to the creation of new protected areas.

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