Work on changes to the Charter at a rapid pace. The Sejm will deal with the project tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Sejm will discuss the changes to the teachers’ charter prepared by the Ministry of Przemysław Czarnek. The project assumes, among other things, requiring teachers to work an extra black hour per week, a new professional promotion and evaluation of work

The Sejm will handle the project at a rapid pace. The document was sent to the Marshal’s staff on 17 June and sent to first reading in the Committee on Education, Science and Youth on the same day. The committee meeting on this subject is already scheduled for Tuesday, June 21 of this year. at 12 noon

You can follow the broadcast of the committee’s deliberations on the website

What’s in the project? Main changes in job promotion, job evaluation and tasks performed within the 40-hour work week:

* the obligation of the teacher to set aside 1 hour per week, and in the case of a teacher with less than 1/2 full-time employment – 1 hour during 2 weeks for “consultations for students and their parents”. MEiN wants Art. 42 seconds. 2 point 2 Cards describing other activities and activities performed by the teacher during the 40-hour work week. This means that teachers do not receive extra money during the week for their black hours
* liquidation of the trainee teacher and contract teacher degree. A young teacher entering the profession is given the status of “beginning teacher”. A young teacher can apply for an appointed diploma after 4 years of work. During this period, for 3 years and 9 months, the teacher does not undergo an internship, but “preparation for the profession”
* during the period of preparation for the profession, the young teacher is accompanied by a mentor, ie a teacher appointed or certified by the principal. The mentor should continuously “support” novice teachers in “the process of introducing them to the subject”, assisting them in “choosing the right forms of professional development”, sharing their knowledge and teaching their lessons. to observe . The mentor’s job also becomes “to inspire and encourage the teacher to take up professional challenges”
* in the period of preparation for the profession, the teacher will give demonstration lessons. The first lesson (or rather “at least one”) is taught in the second grade and before the performance evaluation, in the presence of the principal, mentor, methodology advisor or teacher consultant or representative of the board of trustees or a certified teacher. If the principal decides that one demo lesson is not enough, he can instruct the novice teacher to conduct more. The second (or next!) lesson is given in the last year of preparation for the profession, after obtaining at least a good job evaluation
* after a discussion with the teacher, the committee gives a positive or negative advice. A positive opinion is a necessary condition for promotion to the next rank. In the event of further negative advice, the period of preparation for the profession for teachers will be extended by 1 year and 9 months
*after 6 years of fruitless attempts to move to the next grade, the novice teacher is fired
* during the first two years of working at the school, novice teachers are given a fixed-term contract (currently they work for one year). Only after this period and with at least a good assessment of the work will he be given a contract for an indefinite period of time
* to apply for the degree of appointed teacher it is necessary to have at least a good grade for the work obtained in the last year of preparation for the profession, to get a positive assessment of the lessons given, and also to to pass the exam for the Examination Board
* the appointed teacher can apply for the recruitment procedure for the certificate of teacher degree after having worked in the school for a minimum of 5 years and 9 months from the date of the award of the appointed teacher degree. For promotion you also need at least a very good job evaluation obtained in the last year of work before submitting the application for the qualification procedure and approval by the selection committee
* the job evaluation procedure can be started – just like today – “at any time”, but no earlier than “one year after the previous evaluation”. At the request of the director, the teacher himself, the invigilator, the administrative body, the school council or the parents’ council
* the teacher is assessed in accordance with the criteria specified by the Ministry of Education (this means the return of the solution enforced several years ago by the then Minister of Education, Anna Zalewska, who withdrew her own idea after 3 months )
* if the teacher does not agree with the grade, he or she has the right to appeal to the assessment team designated by the curator
* teachers who apply for promotion will still have to collect thick folders with documents. The application for an examination or recruitment procedure must be accompanied by “originals or copies of documents certifying that the conditions are met to obtain the degree of professional promotion”, and in the case of the procedure for a certified teacher – also ” description and analysis of the way in which the requirements for performing tasks or taking actions for education and the effects thereof are met”
* the work evaluation procedure started and not completed before September 1, 2022 is carried out according to the current rules
* applications for the degree of contract teacher, which have not yet been processed by August 31, 2022, will be cancelled.
* contract teachers who, until August 31 of this year. they do not receive the degree of appointed teacher, they have to go through the promotion procedure under the same conditions (albeit with some adjustments). The same applies to teachers who apply for the degree of certified teacher, but have not completed the procedure before September 1, 2022.

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