What will the summer of 2022 look like? Record-breaking heat and tropical rains on vacation! [PROGNOZA]

What will the summer of 2022 look like? Record-breaking heat and tropical rains on vacation! [PROGNOZA]

What will the summer of 2022 look like? Will the summer 2022 weather in Poland be favorable for vacationers, or will they be frustrated by frequent rainfall? The long-term forecast for the summer of 2022 is very optimistic and there are many indications that further temperature records will be set. Check the latest weather forecast for summer 2022 on our website!


  1. What will the summer of 2022 look like? [PROGNOZA]
  2. What will the summer of 2022 look like? [LIPIEC]
  3. Summer 2022 – the weather [SIERPIEŃ]

What the summer of 2022 will look like in Poland† Or summer in Poland 2022 will it be warm or will it rain more often? What will the weather be like in the summer of 2022† People who want to plan a vacation in our country hope that more temperature records are set. Hopes of African heat surfaced even before the astronomical summer officially started. We were dealing with a powerful heat wave and weather experts reported that 38.3 degrees Celsius was measured in Słubice. Thus, the June record for Poland was equalized. Until now, the record belonged only to Radzyń, where this temperature was recorded in June 2019. What summer will this year be† It doesn’t start the way many people want. On the first day of summer 2022, rain falls all over Poland and the temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius. However, with each passing day it gets warmer and happier.

What will the summer of 2022 look like? [PROGNOZA]

Summer in Poland 2022 it will start spinning to surprise us again with rain and storms. In early July, it will rain again across the country, with temperatures ranging from 22 degrees Celsius in the center of the country to 26 degrees Celsius in the west. The following days lots of sun and heat, with possible thunderstorms. If you want to plan a vacation, we recommend which days are the hottest. According to the latest weather forecast, the summer of 2022 will be most felt from July 17 to 31, 2022, as well as from August 1 to 6 and from August 16 to 22. On days not mentioned, rain, storms and temperatures of up to 24 degrees Celsius are forecast. It is also important that the long-term weather can change in the summer of 2022. Even the best weather forecasters have trouble determining the exact weather several months in advance.

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What will the summer of 2022 look like? [LIPIEC]

What will July 2022 be?† This month, summer will be a reminder of itself. Beginning of the rainy month, changeable weather from 4 to 16 July. From July 17, 2022, the weather will reward everyone and we will have to deal with the African heat. In the center it will be 24 to 28 degrees Celsius in the shade. In Gdańsk it is 22 to 27 degrees Celsius, and from the larger cities it is warmest in Wrocław from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius. It will also be hot in Słubice, Lubuskie Voivodeship, where the June temperature record has been leveled. From 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Summer 2022 – the weather [SIERPIEŃ]

Summer 2022 in August it will strike from the first days. From August 1 to 6, we have a continuation of the July heat wave. Then it cools down for a few days, with a few showers and heavy thunderstorms. The African heat returns from August 16 to 22 and it will be the last moment to spend your holiday basking in the full sun. Later cloudy with the possibility of rain. We update the weather situation here!

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