The most beautiful countries in the world – TOP 15. Put them on your list of places to see

Are you looking for inspiration for a trip? Not sure where to travel? Meet the most beautiful countries in the world and on your way to the vacation of a lifetime.

The world is so diverse and surprising that identifying the most beautiful spots borders on a miracle. That’s why our (subjective) list only includes 15 countries that have a lot to offer – but the list could be much longer† Which country do you think should be on the podium? What is your biggest travel dream?

Azure sea, sandy beaches and palm trees… Or maybe a wide, breathtaking mountain landscape? Is it a great coral reef? Choosing between such different and at the same time equally beautiful places is extremely difficult. Especially if there are enough of the most beautiful countries!

Still, many rankings arise in which the most interesting places on earth are selected. We’ve also included the winners of some of them in our list – they may prove to be an interesting travel inspiration.

The choice of Iceland as the most beautiful country in the world may come as a surprise. However, there is no denying that Icelandic nature is something that is very hard to find anywhere else.

Glaciers, fantastic hills, waterfalls, hot springs and fantastic Northern Lights – all this makes Iceland an extremely popular destination for travelers and tourists. However, to fully appreciate all that Iceland has in store, it is worth visiting this country during… any season. Iceland’s nature looks very different in summer and spring as well as in winter and autumn.

According to Gunnar Garfors, a traveler who has visited 198 countries, Kiribati is the most beautiful of them. This small island country has been compared to a paradise – Tabuaeran, one of the Kiribati Islands, wins the competitions for the most beautiful islands in the world for a reason.

We will not find any luxury here – no monuments or museums. But they will be able to admire the untouched, beautiful nature. Kiribari is the only country in the world that lies on all hemispheres of the Earth at the same time – it is also one of the lowest places, in danger of sinking. If you want to visit Kiribari, hurry up – it is believed that the country may no longer exist by 2050.

Rough Guides readers have compiled an exceptional list. It included the most beautiful countries in the world and Scotland took the podium. Why? It highlighted the unique nature – wild nature, lakes, volcanic hills, mountains and islands, as well as surprising fauna – for example dolphins or reindeer found in Scotland.

However, one should not forget the beautiful Scottish architecture – fairytale castles, impressive Glasgow or Edinburgh – considered by many to be one of the most interesting European capitals. Scotland has its own unique atmosphere that cannot be imitated.

Not only the impressive island of Bali – Indonesia has a lot in store. Vast sandy beaches and rich vegetation make this country without a doubt one of the most beautiful.

Numerous volcanoes and waterfalls or green rice terraces are not without significance and attract many travelers. Importantly, however, Indonesia has many places that are not often visited by foreign tourists – the wild nature, undiscovered by mass tourism, is exceptionally beautiful.

Many of the beautiful places in the world are located in the United States – it is difficult to briefly select a few and characterize such a diverse and vast country as the USA. After all, it is both beautiful Hawaii, the breathtaking Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls… However, apart from the amazing nature, it is impossible not to mention New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

No wonder the US is at the forefront of many rankings of the most beautiful countries in the world – in such a huge country you can discover all kinds of places and admire both nature and urban culture.

South Africa is not only one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, but also all over the world. South Africa has majestic mountains, waterfalls and canyons. For tourists from Europe, savannas and South African animals – such as elephants, leopards and lions – will be of interest.

The Cape of Good Hope, which looks like a fairytale, is the most popular. The sandy beaches and coves and the national parks are also impressive. They were also appreciated by TravelGuru, who chose South Africa as the most beautiful country in the world – according to the list published on Buzzfeed, RPA is second to none.

Swimming with the dolphins? Bathing in a hot river? Climbing Pancake Rocks – mountains that look like pancakes? Such attractions only in New Zealand.

All this certainly sounds unusual and original, but New Zealand is one such country. The fauna and flora may amaze you, but many places simply amaze you with their beauty. In addition to geysers, waterfalls and volcanoes, the country’s territory is home to beautiful beaches, glacial lakes and the impressive Mount Cook.

The beauty of New Zealand can be associated with… Lord of the Rings. It is here that the cult film was shot, which only proves that the landscape of this country seems almost unreal.

A place called the cradle of spirituality – it is from India that many popular practices, such as yoga and mindfulness, originate. However, when visiting India, it is difficult to find peace – the street noise typical of densely populated cities can disturb it a bit.

However, this doesn’t stop you from seeing beautiful Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai or Jaipur. India’s architecture certainly stands out – it is impossible to list all the cities with amazing buildings. But not just cities – India also has picturesque hills, beaches and national parks inhabited by rare animal species.

The atmosphere of this Celtic country cannot be confused with any other – so it is worth giving Wales a chance and visiting this place. Although not often chosen by tourists, it is great.

Wales is a country where you marvel at the majestic nature and medieval architecture. Beautiful castles and national parks, great lakes, charming towns, mountain ranges and sandy beaches – all of this sets Wales apart from many European countries.

However, there is no denying that beautiful castles can be found in our homeland too – discover the most beautiful places in Poland and see which architectural gem we are talking about.

The cradle of European civilization, which hides many amazing monuments. Italy is a unique country and many cities simply delight – not only Rome, but also Milan, Venice, Naples and Florence make a unique impression on tourists. Just like the islands that surround the country – mainly Sicily. Italian culture and art are second to none, so it’s no wonder that Italy attracts many travelers every year. According to statistics, the country was visited by as many as 94 million tourists in 2018, making it one of the most visited countries.

In addition to beautiful architecture, Italy can be proud of its amazing nature – both the Alps and the sandy beaches and the azure sea will complete the picture of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Chile is not only beautiful, it is also the longest country in the world. Above all, it delights with the uniqueness of nature. Deserts, Moon Valley, Geysers… It’s all amazing – no wonder one of Chile’s national parks has been recognized as the most beautiful place in the world by Big 7 Travel.

In addition, Chile can be envied by one of the most important astronomical observatories – all because it is in this country that most nights are clear, so you can look at the stars freely.

Aside from nature, Chile’s assets include architecture and a rich culture. Worth mentioning is the Museu Chileno de Arte Precolumbino – it houses the oldest mummies in the world.

Norway is very often included in many rankings of the most beautiful countries – it was also distinguished in the Lonely Plante “Ultimate Adventures” ranking.

Beautiful fjords, waterfalls, amazing fauna and flora are breathtaking. The view over the Norwegian mountains is unparalleled – mainly because of the frequent rock plateaus or stone tongues (the most famous being Trolltunga, the troll tongue), from which you can admire the mountain scenery.

The wildness of the untouched nature is accompanied by picturesque towns, which perfectly reflect the unusual Norwegian atmosphere – astonishing and charming at the same time.

An ideal country for mountaineering enthusiasts – but Nepal isn’t just Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks. It is also full of surprising natural parks, royal cities, subtropical jungle and vast rice terraces. The intense green of the Nepalese vegetation in contrast with the snowy peaks of the Himalayas creates a stunning effect.

Nepal seems like an unreal country – many believe that time has stood still there. Due to the fact that most of its surface is covered by mountains, it is one of the less urbanized countries. On the other hand, it can be proud of Buddhist or Hindu temples, whose architecture arouses admiration.

Called by many the most beautiful country in the Sahara – the vast desert landscape is breathtaking. But it is not only the Sahara that bears witness to the unique beauty of Morocco. Waterfalls, canyons and ravines, and even cities – with a specific atmosphere, make an equally exciting impression.

Morocco also appeals to mountain lovers – the Atlas Mountains, which stretch almost the entire border of the country, look beautiful. On the other hand, those who prefer to spend their free time in a less active way can enjoy breathtaking beaches. Although you can actively relax here – because of the huge waves, surfers often take advantage of Moroccan beaches.

The list is closed by the amazing country – Australia. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is often cited as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Such an amazing place is hard to find.

However, it is not only the coral reef that places Australia on the list of the most beautiful countries in the world. Exceptional fauna – kangaroos or koalas known to everyone – or surprising vegetation make an impression. Both the Blue Mountains (ie the Blue Mountains) and the beautiful beaches make it hard not to enjoy looking at Australia.

And don’t forget Sydney – the capital has many beautiful places in store, with the iconic Sydney Opera House being just one of many examples.

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