legion. The architecture and urban planning committee has many comments about the planned block on Piłsudskiego Street. There is a motion for a resolution

Next Wednesday (June 29, 2022), the local Legionary Council will decide whether a new 5-storey block will be built near the Legion’s tax office. Despite comments on this investment from, among others, the municipal building and urban planning committee, the draft resolution prepared on the subject provides for approval of its implementation.

Under the special development law, the Lokatorsko-Eigendom Housing Cooperative (SMLW) from Legionowo wants to build on a residential area of ​​just over 2.5 thousand. m² of land on Leśna Street, another block in the immediate vicinity of the Legion’s tax office. In order to obtain approval for the implementation of this project, in February 2022. An application has been made to the town hall of Legionowo for the so-called determination of the location of a residential investment. The parameters of the new housing investment are in line with the findings of the Legion 2017 study, but do not comply with most of the basic provisions of the 2008 MPZP. This document does not allow the construction of blocks in this place, it allows public services and non-intrusive in the field of trade and commercial services in the fields of finance, offices and gastronomy. Because of these discrepancies, the Legionowo cooperative applies the special development law, according to which housing investments can only be made in accordance with the provisions of the study. Legionowo survey from 2017. On plots where this project is planned, multi-family housing is allowed with blocks up to 20 meters high.

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