Free over-the-counter medicines for soldiers. There is a draft regulation, urgent implementation is needed

  • The new regulation of the Minister of National Defense is in the phase of inter-ministerial consultation
  • Until now, the issuance of free over-the-counter medicines for soldiers has been regulated by the Order of the Minister of National Defense of October 19, 2012.
  • The concept specifies a list of drugs marked with the OTC symbol, as well as medical devices, medical device accessories, systems and procedure packages

List of Free Over-the-Counter Drugs for Soldiers

The new draft regulation lists drugs with the OTC symbol and medical devices, medical device equipment, systems and procedure kits, which are provided free of charge to military personnel with essential military service and military service in the event of mobilization and during war

The new regulations also determine the manner and method of financing the costs incurred.

The proposed regulation specifies (including in the annexes):

  1. list of drugs with the OTC availability category, prepared according to the anatomical-therapeutic-chemical classification (ATC),
  2. list of medical devices, medical device equipment, systems and procedure kits arranged according to their intended use, taking into account exemplary shapes (shapes) of devices,
  3. the manner and manner of financing the costs incurred, taking into account the principles and manner of spending public funds and rational drug management.

Ministry of National Defense: A New List of Free Medicines and Medical Devices for Soldiers LIST

Urgent Regulation Required

The solutions proposed in the draft regulation are a continuation of the regime according to which authorized persons, in the exercise of official functions free deliveries of medicines, medical devices and medical device equipment were providedenabling self-treatment of symptoms associated with common ailments (e.g., pain, colds, gastrointestinal disorders, minor wounds, etc.), to rapidly eliminate them.

According to the project, the financing of the costs in this regard is carried out by the manager of the state budget funds, who makes the payments in this regard, appointed by the Minister of National Defence, on whose provision the authorized persons remain.

In order to maintain the systemic consistency of this process, it is envisaged that the dispensing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, medical device equipment, systems and treatment kits will be carried out by established by the Minister of National Defence, medical entities in the form of a budget unit or a military unit, within the meaning of the provisions of art. 4 seconds. 1 points 3 and 7 of the law of 15 April 2011 on medical activity (Official Gazette of 2022, item 633, as amended).

If it is not possible to exercise the right in the manner described above, it is permitted to purchase oneself by authorized persons, while reimbursement of the costs of purchased medicines and medical devices, equipment for medical devices, systems and procedure kits purchased by these persons will be created by the holder on the basis of a purchase invoice issued to an authorized person

It is proposed that the provisions of the proposed regulation enter into force three days after the date of publication. In connection with the start on June 6 this year. training of volunteers for voluntary essential military service, there is an urgent need to address the issue of the free supply of drugs, medical devices, medical device equipment, systems and procedure kits to eligible persons.

Regulations of the Ministry of National Defence: which health services for professional soldiers?

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