A safe and comfortable trip with a child? The basis is a car seat. I’m Not Bored (Sponsored)

The most ignored cause of accidents

“Are we still far?” – who is a parent and drives a car, will surely hear this question more than once, and not only in “Shrek”. Boredom is still the most underestimated cause of accidents. Meanwhile, research from the Australian University of Monash in Melbourne shows that playful children in a car can be distracted by drivers up to 12 times more than when using a mobile phone! Kicking the driver’s seat, yelling, sibling fights, throwing objects or unfastening a seat belt disturb every second parent in Europe, and a third of them admit that such behavior poses a real threat to road safety.

– The starting point for a safe journey with a child is of course a suitably chosen seat with a belt. However, the statistics show that the atmosphere in the small space of the car’s cabin is also important – admits Sebastian Woniak, director of the Volvo dealer of the PGD Group – As a brand, we always try different situations of drivers and in our actions and go one step further. That is why, in addition to working on the latest assistance systems, such as an automatic vehicle stop system, run-off road mitigation system or HD 360° cameras, we also organize pro-social campaigns to increase road safety – says Sebastian Woniak. – This time we want to make the time in the car more enjoyable for the children and make the journey quick and safe. Hence the idea for the initiative “We read with Volvo”.

Added values ​​- education and bonding

The project supports reading and safe travel from books. About ten Polish writers who read fairy tales in the living room. Revolt in Silesia. Among the guests were Katarzyna Vanevska, Izabela Michta, Weronika Szelgiewicz, Katarzyna Wierzbicka and Marcin Prokop – author of the children’s book “Chopaki chojraki”. As a result, movies and audiobooks were made available on the special promotion’s website, as well as on YouTube and Spotify – free to play for all interested.

– I have several year old blinits and because our family is multicultural, we travel often and far across Europe. I know very well how boredom can affect the atmosphere in the car. I have been creatively filling children’s time for a long time: with poems to repeat or with captivating literary forms, which make the children look outside the window for specific colors, plants and animals. Sometimes we call them in English, and the knowledge gained while playing gives a sense of success – says Katarzyna Vanevska, author of the series “Who’s knocking here?” And participant in “We read with Volvo”. – What I liked about the Volvo project is that we can creatively combine developing little readers with creating a space for parents. When we go on a long trip, we get interesting content in a mobile form and a great idea to organize time in the car. On the other hand, Izabela Michta, another author associated with the project, adds another plus to the action: deepening the bond with the parent by listening to fairy tales together.

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Volvo Car PGD invites selected schools and kindergartens to the premiere of the project, in which the above authors participated and read excerpts from their books to the students of institutions in Krakow.

Social and environmentally friendly for difficult times

“We read with Volvo” is not the only initiative of the showroom in Krakow on Powstacw lskich avenue. The previous projects were mainly related to environmental activities – we talked about setting up an apiary on the roof of the showroom, building houses for insects in the neighborhood or organizing workshops for children about bee products.

– Volvo has for years been associated not only with safety, but also with care for the environment. This year, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles will account for 34% of our global sales, and by 2025 we want wall-charged cars to be 50%. The brand’s global goal is for all models to have an electric version by 2030. We are constantly working to ensure that no one in the new Volvo is killed or seriously injured – explains Sebastian Woniak. – We do not forget local activities for the environment and local residents. We believe that despite the smog, global warming and the difficult times we live in, we can always do something to just make our lives – and especially our children – more fun and interesting.

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