“When Lynx goes, people rush to take pictures.” The Upper Silesian narrow-gauge boat invites you to summer trips

The route of the tourist train passes through narrow gauge stations: Bytom – Bytom Karb – Dąbrowa Miejska – Segiet Reserve – Sucha Góra – Silver Mine – Tarnowskie Góry – Lasowice Zalew – Miasteczko Śląskie Zalew – Miasteczko Śląskie. The journey takes 70 minutes. But that’s not all – on every Sunday train service you can learn interesting railway stories, visit the locomotive shed and the control room in the Bytom-Karb Wą skotorowy station for free. And there is a lot to see, because both locations belong to the Industrial Monument Route.

Górno¶ląskie’s narrow-gauge railways are the oldest continuously operating narrow-gauge railways in the world. It was founded in 1853 to facilitate transportation between industrial plants. In 2001, the last train I had left from the Centrum Mine left Bytom to the Chorzów Power Plant. Today neither the mine nor the old power plant exists anymore. Since 2002, the narrow gauge railway has been transporting tourists and is maintained by enthusiasts gathered in the Association of Upper Silesian Narrow Gauge Railways with the support of the local authorities of Bytom, Tarnowskie Góry and the City of Silesia. Take care of 21 kilometers of track and the technical condition of locomotives, steam locomotives and carriages. – Next year we will celebrate the 170th anniversary of our existence, it is a wonderful anniversary – emphasizes Kamil Czarnecki, president of the Górno¶ląskie Narrow Gauge Railway Association.

Upper Silesian Narrow Gauge Railway Mariusz Senderowski

Enthusiasts of the Górno¶ląskie Koleje Narrowotorowe Association provide many attractions. – It is 21 kilometers of living history and geography of Upper Silesia and a lot of fun, especially for children, but also for their parents. On hot days, passengers often travel with this train from Bytom to the Nak³o-Chech³o reservoir. Instead of roasting on the bus or in the car (if someone doesn’t turn on the air conditioning), take the train, which hurtles through forested areas at 20-25 mph. Wind in the hair. , smiles of happy children – it is for such moments that we do everything – says our interlocutor.

“Steam Bang, Wheels in Motion”

Locomotives and wagons are being prepared and repaired for the season in the Bytom-Karb machine house. There are real treasures here. – Our latest purchase and at the same time a monument is a working steam locomotive “Ry¶” from 1950, launched last December, which runs linearly on our tourist network. It is definitely a rarity – says Kamil Czarnecki, president of the Górno¶ląskie Railways Association. – The summer train consists of both open and closed cars, without windows, and with windows and heating. Of course, we don’t turn on the heating in summer, but in winter, even at minus 20 degrees Celsius, traveling in it is very comfortable – she adds.

“Ryś” pulls special trains. Sometimes it is replaced by a smaller diesel locomotive, which takes passengers from the center of Bytom to the Bytom-Karb Wą skotorowy station and to the locomotive shed. The tourist train, on the other hand, is pulled by a Romanian diesel locomotive built in the 1960s. There are about 10 carriages and one car for the transport of bicycles, because the route along which the tourist train travels is a real paradise for cyclists. You can make a single track trip from almost any station.

Narrow gauge railways Górno¶ląskieNarrow gauge railways Górno¶ląskie Mariusz Senderowski

“Ry¶” is impressive

Kamil Czarnecki emphasizes that a narrow-gauge ride is an expedition for everyone. – There are no age restrictions, our passengers are children, of course in the care of adults and elderly residents, whether from Upper Silesia, or from other regions or from abroad. Fathers and children come, grandparents and grandchildren to show them a piece of Górny Śląsk – a piece that can only be seen from the window of a narrow gauge car and how the railway, also steam, used to function. The impressions are enormous – he argues.

Mr Ryszard, a native of Bytom, who was a steam locomotive engineer in the past, confirms that when an electric train is running, no one is impressed, but when a steam locomotive crosses a narrow gauge, and eats. the whistle still turns on and bursts into steam, the fun is unbelievable. – Every time people in line for the crosswalk get out of the cars and take pictures of the passing “Rys”, and the kids are impressed by opening their mouths – laughs Mr. Ryszard.

– You can go to the tourist train at the main station in Bytom and this is our first station, there all trains start and end their route – says Kamil Czarnecki, president of the Górno¶ląskie Association Narrow Gauge Railways. But you can also reach the village at any station along the road: in Bytom-Karbie, in Dąbrowa Miejska or Sucha Góra. If someone is closer to Tarnowskie Góry, they can start their journey from there.

The trains will be on the track next week. – From June 25 we will run the whole route, the diesel locomotive pulls the wagons to the Silesian town and I hope that from the first Sunday in July additional trains will be run by the “Ry¶” steam train to Tarnowskie Góry – announces Kamil Czarnecki. Exact dates and times of train departures are available on the Stowarzyszenie Górno¶ląskie Kolei Narroworowych fan page.

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