Travel to the end of the world

There are places where we are in no rush to reach them. and yet we will be there someday. Life has many different surprises for people. There is a place somewhere in Poland where we can find the end of the world. Even there it is very close, barely forty kilometers. So when I got there I sat down on a bench, I noticed there was no coverage and no internet, I thought about what the other side of the world might look like? What is humanity against the power of the universe? The universe that is the work of our creator?

The eye of the farmer

While I was sitting on this couch, contemplating the plight of humanity, a bus arrived at the spot full of young people on the journey. There were also a dozen other tourists there. A large grassy square surrounded by a forest, a large wooden house with benches and tables and a food track with unconventional snacks. Movement quite big for the end of the world, or maybe because of that? People like quirks, especially natural ones, without any commercial bloat. Returning to thinking about the state of humanity. What divides us into those who want good for humanity and those who want only good for themselves? Let’s take these LGBT organizations, they don’t want tolerance or improvement in their situation. They want to enslave the rest of humanity by demanding something that they themselves cannot give to anyone. Pure selfishness and lust for power combined with a desire to take revenge for imaginary mistakes. What about the western elite? So much for us as role models? It turns out that their elitism is often only advertised through the media.

When the moment of history comes and you have to prove your elitism, there is nothing, literally nothing! You can see cowardice and lack of character, it is not morality that counts, just a temporary gain at the expense of the blood of another nation. What happened to this civilization of Western Europe??? It seems like someone has swapped virtue and vice. What was virtue is now evil, and what was evil has become a vice. God forbid to talk about it out loud! You can be punished by the court for it, just like a teacher from Pozna. However, sometimes the fate of humanity is also favorable. Take, for example, a retired politician who returned on a mission to unite the opposition and win the election. He has an amazing talent for uniting in defeat! The more he gets involved, the worse the opposition in Poland fare. Something completely incomprehensible to a normal person is happening. These people seem to be distracting their minds somewhere! Logic of statements and facts turned upside down. It was perfectly visible on the example of a fight in the TVP Info studio over the Vistula headland when a certain MP proved that this ditch doesn’t exist, but there is only one ditch… This is just one example. Only the main leader of these self-destruct lambs is no better. Some say he has paranoid schizophrenia. Why? It is enough to follow his statements of recent years to see something astonishing. this man can prove one time that he is a supporter of LGBT unions and another time that he is a strong supporter of the church. It is like reconciling water and fire. So it was with Lotos. They are in the archives of his statements from the time he wanted to sell it to Russia, and what does he say now? Maybe it’s common sclerosis? But why is it increasing? Why doesn’t he remember what he said yesterday? Why do TVP Info journalists avoid? The greatest enemy of politics is memory. Maybe that explains its volts? Was a memory clear operation performed??? Francis Fukuyama once wrote a work called “The End of History”, he thought that everything had already happened, that there was nothing new for humanity. That liberal democracy and the free market would eradicate wars and other plagues. He had been gravely mistaken. He did not take into account the human stupidity and greed that are one of the driving forces behind all the evil in this world. This relentless desire for power at any cost. Even against the will of most people, that is, the democracy they officially cherish. The constitution is only good if it fits the message. When there’s no word about her. Just like an abortion. Or when the Constitutional Tribunal pronounces its superiority over the rulings of the CJEU, rulings that are even contrary to treaties. Or when it comes to the organization of the legal system in Poland. The end of the world, seemingly so distant, and at the same time within reach. It could be a point on the map or the end of humanity. But before humanity reaches its nemesis, it will witness many more events, perhaps we will not leave our planet and perhaps we will conquer other worlds? I don’t know, but sometimes the ego of some people has long since left our humble planet, just like a man who once said “why do we need CPK when we have an airport in Berlin”. Maybe it’s a good thing he doesn’t fly into space? The missile knew its precaution and would run out of clean water and oxygen after just a few hours. But to at least prevent the vehicle from falling apart, everyone knows the legendary power of adhesive tape…


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