The Knights of Malta confirm this. Archbishop Głódź no longer belongs to the Order

In mid-June 2000, Sławoj Leszek Głódź, the then field bishop of the Polish army, was admitted to the group of Knights of Malta in the rank of monastic chaplain “ad honor”. In February this year. was removed from this prestigious group. The ruling is likely related to the fines imposed on the archbishop last year. Glódzia was imposed by the Holy See, which investigated and confirmed the slowness in punishing priests accused of sexual abuse of minors and negligence in the administration of the Archdiocese of Gdańsk.

The Order of Malta is one of the oldest institutions of Western and Christian civilization. Founded in Jerusalem around 1050, it is a mainly lay knighthood. In 1113, Pope Paschal II issued a bull, granting the order full sovereignty from both secular and ecclesiastical authorities.

During the Crusades, the Order created a state structure and while maintaining the highest combat efficiency in the world for hundreds of years, it became a veritable stronghold of Christian Europe for the Muslim world. It was then that it gained great importance and prestige, allowing us to do charitable work in nearly 120 countries in the world today. The Order of Malta is a prototype of humanitarian and charitable activities on a large scale. The Hospital Service, the main mission of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, is carried under a white octagonal cross on a red background, widely known as a symbol of salvation.

The order has been present in Poland since the early 12th century. In 1187, Duke Mieszko III the Elder and Radwan, the Bishop of Pozna, transferred it to the Order under the protection of the Church of St. Jana Jerozolimski outside the walls in Pozna, a hospice for vagabonds and pilgrims – the oldest Polish hospital. To this day there is a church in this place, where Maltese activity continues. Since 1927, the Union of Polish Knights of Malta has been the official organization representing the Sovereign Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem, known as the Rhodian and Maltese. After the period of communism, when the activities of the Union of Poles in Lithuania were banned in Poland, in 1991 the activity of the Union was restored in Poland. Currently, there are 18 MSM sites in Poland, six centers for assistance to the disabled, the elderly and lonely people (Poznań, Kraków, Katowice, Radom, Olsztyn, Warsaw), two social shelters (Szyldak, Puszczykowo), two centers for specialist assistance ( Krakow, Pozna), specialized kindergarten (Krakow), hospital (Barczewo).

Thanks to the quality of the work of its members and the maintenance of traditions, the Order of Malta holds the position of guarantor of charitable missions, it is a reliable trustee of funds allocated for these purposes.

In 2014, the Maltese Medical Service (MSM) ensured the evacuation of victims from the Kiev Maidan and then, in collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conducted a multi-year training program in pre-medical aid (first aid). During the COVID-19 pandemic, MSM has trained the relevant government services (police officers, firefighters, teachers) and provided assistance in the form of a significant amount of hygiene and personal protection measures. Thanks to this program, about 2,500 trained people and the provided medical equipment have been used by Ukrainians from the first days of the war. Thanks to these contacts, the Order of Malta in Poland has accurate information about needs and can provide assistance in the most accurate and effective way.

The currently implemented “Aid for Ukraine” program of the Order of Malta, Poland, was launched immediately after Russia attacked Ukraine – on February 25 – and its value, thanks to the international structures of the Order, stands at 46,750 after three months. .000 PLN.

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