Karolina Lizer, Sonia Maselik, Filip Lato – the winners of the “Premieres” concert as guests of the radio station Jedynka – Jedynka

One of the stars of the 59th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole is Justyna SteczkowskaPhoto: Polish Radio

  • From June 17 to 20, all roads lead to Poland’s biggest music scene, namely to the 59th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole.
  • Four days of fun, anniversaries, favorite artists, known and new hits, an overview of the alternative scene are in front of the viewer.
  • The media patronage of the event was taken by program 1 of the Polish radio.
  • In “Muzyczna Jedynka” we talked about things like with Justyna Steczkowska, Halina Mlynkova, Golca and Piotr Sołoducha of the Enej band.

The 59th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole starts today. After that, the feast of Polish songs begins 20.15 gala concert on TVP1 “From Opole to Opole: Biggest Stars! Legendary Hits!” 22.40 a concert is planned “Folkowe Opole”.

Jedynka is especially heavily involved in the “Premières” concert, which starts on Saturday (18.06) at 20.15. As part of this concert, Program 1 of the Polish Radio will present its prize. It will be a concert in the Polish Radio Studio. Władysław Szpilman in Warsaw with a broadcast on Polish Radio 1. The laureate will also receive a commemorative statue.

“Great memories of the first Opole”

Halina Mlynkova, performing tonight, admits: – I don’t count which Opole is mine (…). But I have to say that the whole concert is very sentimental for me. On Thursday, when rehearsals started and the Golców was on stage, I felt like I was being pinched in the throat. It reminds me of the time 20 years ago, when I was here for the first time with the band Brathanki (…). Then I went on stage and only heard the flute, but we could, we sang, we played and these memories of the first Opole were just amazing – he recalls.

– It’s fantastic that folk are returning to this concert today. Such a concert was a bit lacking here – he adds.

Halina Mlynkova reveals that she has only positive associations with the Opole scene. – Aside from winning awards here, every time I take the stage I get beautiful songs to sing – we hear.

Zakopower willingly returns to Opole

Opole is also very happy for Zakopower. In 2005, the band needed a boost to show that what they do makes sense.

– We believed it made sense, but this 2005 award was especially important to us as it opened the door for further music and touring. Opole has always been special to us. In total we won the premiere concert three times. I have a great fondness for this place and I always like to come back here – says Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka.

Polish and Ukrainian music of the band Enej

In Opole we hear the band Enej, who combines Polish folk music with Ukrainian.

– We combine these traditions and cultures. Especially today, in these difficult times, when we talk to our relatives who live in Ukraine. Showing this tradition and emphasizing that we are not ashamed of this language, even during this beautiful folk concert in Opole, is something very important. Today, also from this scene, the Ukrainian language will emerge from the combination of the Enej band with the girls of the Zazula band – says Piotr Sołoducha.

Anniversary Justyna Steczkowska

This year the festival celebrates the anniversary of Justyna Steczkowska, who is celebrating her 50th birthday. After Saturday’s “Premieres” TVP1 invites you to a recital “The Shaman’s Girl – Justyna Steczkowska’s 50th Birthday” recital. – I have been given the freedom to choose songs, which I am very happy about because it is my birthday. I’m thankful no one forced me to do anything. I decided to choose songs that people know and appreciate – announces Justyna Steczkowska.

– I feel young enough that I don’t want to list what I’ve done so far. Although I’ve done quite a lot in my 50-year life, 17 LPs, I spend a lot of time in the studio (…). I feel honest with my fans and the audience that still follows me – he assures me.

The Great Return of Krystyna Giżowska

In turn, Krystyna Giżowska returns to Opole after many years. How long has she been gone?

– 29 years old and to be honest, I don’t want to believe that this time has passed so quickly. It feels like yesterday… The amphitheater has changed a lot. On Thursday, during rehearsal, I had the chance to see this amazing scene and now it’s real. In addition, at this festival I will be singing a song that I have sung and applauded for the past 29 years. Today we want to repeat this wonderful day – says Krystyna Giżowska.

The artist sings “You have not so many years”.

They have always played themselves

Golec uOrkiestra will also perform in Opole. The band has been on stage for almost 30 years. – “Lornetka” was one of the first songs on our first album. In fact, it sounded very often on the Opole boards and every time was enthusiastically received by the audience from Opole – say Łukasz and Paweł Golcowie.

As they admit, they show an authentic message in their works. – It’s something that when you look at someone you say they’re either playing themselves or doing something because it’s so fashionable right now. We have always played ourselves. We have songs like “Crazy”, “Ściernisko” or “Pędzą horses” and they are like our philosophy of life – they say.

Mazovia in Opole

The National Singing and Dancing Ensemble “Mazowsze” will appear at the festival this year. – We received an invitation to the concert “From Opole to Opole”. We are very happy because we appear rarely, but in large numbers, and certainly very artistic. We hope that what we have prepared today, together with Polish singers and Polish bands, will become a real hit – notes Krzysztof Kurlej.

– We will sing the songs that already reigned in Opole, were very famous and gained popularity – he adds.

39:32 2022_06_17 13_14_24_PR1_Musyczna_Jedynka.mp3 “Muzyczna Jedynka” at the 59th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole. E. 1 (single)

35:14 2022_06_17 14_17_48_PR1_Musyczna_Jedynka.mp3 “Muzyczna Jedynka” at the 59th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole. E. 2 (single)

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Program title: musical one

She led: Ula Kaczynska

They were talking: Marcin Kusy, Paweł Sztompke, Anna Will

Guests: Halina Mlynkova, Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka (Zakopower), Piotr Sołoducha (Enej), Justyna Steczkowska, Krystyna Giżowska, Łukasz and Paweł Golcowie (Golec uOrkiestra), Krzysztof Kurlej (National Song”) and Dance Ensemble

Release date: June 17, 2022

Time of broadcast: 13.00-15.00


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