Closer to the transfer hundred –

Lech Pozna, during the time the Rutkowski family was in office, has already made 84 transfers during the summer transfer window. In a few years he will reach the hundred players brought in for a given season. The years go by as the amounts spent on summer purchases grow very slowly. It has only been 12 months since the mythical million euros was crossed.

Lech Pozna is late, making the summer transfers almost at the last minute. Of the last 15 transfers made during the summer transfer window, in May and June, management has only recruited 4 players. July has also been bad in terms of transfer movements lately. From the summer of 2018, in July, only Joao Amaral, Pedro Tiba, Mikael Ishak and Barry Douglas encountered the Bulgarian team, so at least quite specific players.

For the 2019/2020 and 2021/2022 seasons, in which Lech Poznań did not compete in the European Cups, the summer transfers were made on completely different dates. In 2019, the club closed the summer transfer window in June and a year ago, in the second half of August, it signed no fewer than 3 players. Waiting for transfers until August has its advantages, because then the prices for players are much lower than, for example, in June, there are more so-called “bargains” on the market, there are players who have not managed to change clubs before and going to better leagues than Ekstraklasa.

Twelve months ago, in the second half of August, Lech brought in Pozna Adriel Ba Loua, Pedro Rebocho and, moreover, Roko Baturina, but so far only the Portuguese proved to be a major reinforcement. In this transfer window, the club can no longer wait with serious moves until August, because then it would be too late, the team would start every 3 games after about ten games in the 2022/2023 season from July 5 -4 days and for training . There would be no time to introduce new players.

Since 2006, i.e. from the moment he joined the Bulgarian Rutkowski family, the club made the most summer transfers in the summer of 2018 (9 players). But five years ago, between June 3 and 28, he signed 6 players, including 3 players between June 17 and 19. From that thrilling summer transfer window, perfect for the so-called Only Christian Gytkjaer and Emir Dilaver fired “transfer fans”, who are often absent from Kolejorz’s games in the background during the season.


Single day summer transfers from 2006 (84 transfers):

Monday – 14
Tuesday – 16
Wednesday – 20
Thursday – 9
Friday – 13
Saturday – 7
Sunday – 3

Czerwiński and Murawski drew in the winter

in numbers there are no players of Amica Wronki

Summer transfers in individual months since 2006 (84 transfers):

May – 7
June – 38
july – 11
August – 22
Sept – 3
October 1

Czerwiński and Murawski drew in the winter

in numbers there are no players of Amica Wronki

Lech Pozna summer transfer periods from the moment the new owner arrives in Kolejorz:

Summer 2006:

Marcin Wasilewski, Marcin Kikut, Grzegorz Wojtkowiak, Paweł Linka, Radosław Cierzniak, Przemysław Pitry, Rafał Murawski, Ilijan Micanski, Dawid Kucharski, Jacek Dembiński, Filip Burkhardt, Arkadiuszika Bronk (all)

Marcin Zając (Discobolia Grodzisk Wlkp.) – July 21 (Friday)
Fernando Bonjour (Rentistas) – August 30 (Monday)
Marcin Drzymont (Korona Kielce) – August 31 (Tuesday)
Marcin Sobczak (Gwarek Zabrze) – August 31 (Tuesday)
Henry Quinteros (Sporting Cristal) – August 31 (Tuesday)

17 players came

Summer 2007:

Emilian Dolha (Wisła Krakow) – June 5 (Tuesday)
Hernan Rengifo (Universidad) – June 11 (Monday)
Marcin Dymkowski (Odra Wodzislaw) – June 21 (Thurs)
Ivan Djurdjević (Belenses) – August 9 (Thurs)
Tomasz Midzierski (Górnik Leczna) – August 10 (Friday)
Luis Henriquez (FC Tauro) – August 29 (Wednesday)


6 players came

Summer 2008:

Sławomir Peszko (Wisła Płock) – June 9 (Monday)
Semir Stilić (Zeljeznicar Sarajevo) – June 11 (Wednesday)
Robert Lewandowski (Znicz Pruszkow) – June 18 (Wednesday)
Manuel Arboleda (Zagłębie Lubin) – June 18 (Wednesday)
Ivan Turina (Skoda Xanthi) – August 26 (Tuesday)

5 players came

Summer 2009:

Grzegorz Kasprzik (Piast Gliwice) – June 22 (Monday)
Tomasz Mikołajczak (Nielba Wągrowiec) – June 23 (Tuesday)
Krzysztof Chrapek (Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała) – July 10 (Friday)
Seweryn Gancarczyk (Metalist Kharkiv) – August 6 (Thurs)
Jan Zapotoka (MFK Dubnica) – August 13 (Thurs)

5 players came

Summer 2010:

Jacek Kiełb (Korona Kielce) – June 10 (Thurs)
Artur Wichniarek (Hertha Berlin) – June 30 (Wednesday)
Joel Tshibamba (Arka Gdynia) – July 17 (Saturday)
Artyoms Rudnevs (ZTE) – August 4 (Wednesday)

4 players came


Summer 2011:

Aleksandar Tonev (CSKA Sofia) – June 16 (Thurs)
Marciano Bruma (free transfer) – August 18 (Thurs)

Two players came

Summer 2012:

Lukasz Trałka (Polonia Warsaw) – May 25 (Friday)
Gergo Lovrencsics (Lombard Papa – loan) – June 20 (Wednesday)
Kebba Ceesay (Djurgardens Stockholm) – July 31 (Tuesday)


3 players came

Summer 2013:

Barry Douglas (Dundee United) – May 28 (Tuesday)
Szymon Pawłowski (Zagłębie Lubin) – June 11 (Tuesday)
Maciej Gostomski (Bytovia Bytów) – June 28 (Friday)
Dimitrije Injać (Polonia Warsaw) – July 24 (Wednesday)
Daylon Claasen (Lierse) – 21 August (Wednesday)

5 players came


Summer 2014:

Maciej Wilusz (GKS Bełchatów) – May 22 (Thurs)
Muhamed Keita (Stromsgodset) – June 2 (Monday)
Darko Jevtić (FC Basel) – June 11 (Wednesday)
Zaur Sadaev (Lechia Gdansk) – August 29 (Friday)

4 players came

Summer 2015:

Marcin Robak (Pogoń Szczecin) – June 12 (Friday)
Dariusz Dudka (Wisła Krakow) – June 15 (Monday)
Denis Thomalla (SV Ried) – June 23 (Tuesday)
Abdul Aziz Tetteh (Platanias) – June 24 (Wednesday)
Maciej Gajos (Jagiellonia Białystok) – August 31 (Wednesday)

5 players came

Summer 2016:

Matus Putnocky (Ruch Chorzów) – May 10 (Tuesday)
Lasse Nielsen (Odense) – May 18 (Wednesday)
Radoslaw Majewski (AS Veria) – June 1 (Wednesday)
Maciej Makuszewski (Vitoria Setubal) – June 11 (Friday)

4 players came


Summer 2017:

Emir Dilaver (Ferencvaros Budapest) – June 3rd (Saturday)
Vernon De Marco (Slovan Bratislava) – June 17 (Saturday)
Mario Situm (Dinamo Zagreb) – June 17 (Saturday)
Niklas Barkroth (IFK Norrköping) – June 19 (Monday)
Deniss Rakels (lecture) – June 26 (Monday)
Christian Gytkjaer (TSV Munich) – June 28 (Wednesday)
Nikola Vujadinović (Osasuna Pamplona) – July 7 (Friday)
Rafał Janicki (Lechia Gdansk) – July 14 (Friday)

8 players came

Summer 2018:

Tomasz Cywka (Wisa Krakow) – June 13 (Wednesday)
Karol Szymański (Polonia Środa Wielkopolska) – June 14 (Thurs)
Pedro Tiba (GD Chaves) – July 2 (Tuesday)
Joao Amaral (Benfica Lisbon) – July 21 (Sunday)
Dioni (CF Fuenlabrada) – August 2 (Friday)
Dimitris Goutas (Olympiacos Piraeus) – August 30 (Friday)

6 players came


Summer 2019:

Mickey van der Hart (PEC Zwolle) – May 21 (Tuesday)
Karlo Muhar (Inter Zapresić) – June 5 (Wednesday)
Tomasz Dejewski (Warta Pozna) – June 12 (Wednesday)
Djordje Crnomarković (Radnicki Nis) – June 25 (Tuesday)
Lubomir Satka (DAC Dunajska Streda) – June 29 (Saturday)

5 players came

Summer 2020:

Alan Czerwinski (Zagłębie Lubin) – transfer carried out in winter
Filip Bednarek (Heerenveen) – June 5 (Sunday)
Mikael Ishak (FC Nuremberg) – July 14 (Tuesday)
Marko Malenica (NK Osijek) – August 10 (Monday)
Jan Sykora (Slavia Praga) – August 24 (Monday)
Muhammad Awwad (Maccabi Haifa) – September 9 (Wednesday)
Nika Kacharava (Anorthosis Famagusta) – September 13 (Sunday)
Vasyl Kravets (Lugo) – September 14 (Monday)
Bohdan Butko (Shakhtar Donetsk) – October 3 (Saturday)


* – Czerwiński was drawn in winter
9 players came

Summer 2021:

Radoslaw Murawski (Denizlispor) – transfer carried out in winter
Joel Pereira (Gil Vicente) – May 31 (Monday)
Artur Sobiech (Karagumruk) – June 29 (Tuesday)
Barry Douglas (Blackburn Rovers) – July 10 (Saturday)
Adriel Ba Loua (Viktoria Pilzno) – August 16 (Monday) – the contract was valid from August 27
Pedro Rebocho (Guingamp) – August 23 (Monday)
Roko Baturina (Ferencvaros Budapest) – August 27 (Friday)

* – Murawski was drawn in winter
7 players came

Summer 2022:

Artur Rudko (Metalist Kharkiv – loan) – June 8 (Wednesday)

So far 1 player has arrived


Since the summer of 2006, Lech Pozna has bought a total of 15 players for at least 350,000 euros. The most expensive was of course Adriel Ba Loua, brought in for 1.2 million euros. Of the 15 most expensive summer transfers so far, only Joao Amaral, Artjoms Rudnevs, Lubomir Satka, Darko Jevtić, Alekasander Tonev, Robert Lewandowski and Pedro Tiba, or 7 players, have been fired. After all, Maciej Gajos could have expected more and it is still a while to wait for the assessment of Adriel Ba Lou. Of the 15 most expensive summer signings since 2006, no fewer than 5 are wingers. Joao Amaral joined us 4 years ago as a midfielder. It should be noted that in the ranking of the most expensive summer transfers there are no players coming from the so-called “Free transfer”, but took a large premium for signing the contract. Such players were, for example, Barry Douglas and Christian Gytkjaer.

Highest spending on summer transfers in recent years:

Adriel Ba Loua (Viktoria Pilzno) – EUR 1.2 million
Jan Sykora (Slavia Praga) – 700,000 euros
Joao Amaral (Benfica Lisbon) – 700,000 euros
Niklas Barkroth (IFK Norrköping) – 650,000 euros
Artjoms Rudnevs (ZTE Zalaegerszegi) – 600,000 euros
Lubomir Satka (DAC Dunajska Streda) – 600,000 euros
Maciej Gajos (Jagiellonia Bialystok) – 500,000 euros
Djordje Crnomarković (Radnicki Nis) – 500,000 euros
Karlo Muhar (Inter Zapresić) – 400,000 euros
Muhamed Keita (Stromsgodset) – 400,000 euros
Denis Thomalla (Red Bull Leipzig) – 400,000 euros
Darko Jevtić (FC Basel) – 350,000 euros
Aleksandar Tonev (CSKA Sofia) – 350,000 euros
Robert Lewandowski (Znicz Pruszkow) – 350,000 euros
Pedro Tiba (GD Chaves) – 350,000 euros


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