Nursing home in Jordanów. The observatory will take over the center of the nuns. The latest information from the Małopolska Voivode

The poviat starosty in Sucha Beskidzka will take over the management of the nursing home in Jordanów in “the coming days” – according to information provided Friday by the spokeswoman for the Małopolska voivode. Joanna Paździo said in an interview with TVN24 that the organizational details are being “pinned”. Nursing homes across the country are undergoing inspections recommended by the Department of Family and Social Policy.

As reported on, the nuns agreed to the proposal of the Małopolska voivode, Łukasz Kmita, that the operation of the nursing home in Jordanów – where, according to media publications, abuse of children with disabilities takes place – should be taken over by the Suski poviat.

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The superior of the sisters’ presentations, Anna Telus, announced in a statement that “the responsibility for the existence and functioning of the nursing home in Jordanów, especially with regard to the allegations”, the authorities of the assembly decided “to withdraw from running a nursing home in Jordanów”. “The council has also decided that the building itself, which houses the nursing home, will be put on loan so that the existing residents can still stay in it,” she wrote.

Voivodeship Office: decisions being made, transformation in the coming days

Joanna Paździo, spokeswoman for the voivode, emphasized on Friday that the office expects an urgent conclusion of the procedure.

– It is our intention that this change in the interest of the charity will take place as soon as possible. Directional decisions have been made and the possibilities of the poviat starosty have also been confirmed that such a formula is admissible in terms of the possibilities of the starosty. In the coming days, all organizational details in terms of transformation will be finalized – the official said in an interview with TVN24.

As Paździo informed, care for the costs of the center is now carried out by lay employees of the DPS. – The individuals against whom the charges have been brought are removed from work due to the precautions indicated by the prosecutor’s office – she recalled.

DPS control in Jordanów

Control of the nursing home in Jordanów, where children with disabilities are said to be abused, was initiated by officials from Małopolskie Voivodeship.

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As Joanna Paździo informed the editors of, the results of the sighting should be known “in the days”. – We are in the process of developing an inspection report, but at this time we do not want to disclose a specific date of disclosure. We have collected a lot of material, in the coming days we will present the conclusions – said Paździo.

Officials entered the DPS in Świętokrzyskie . Voivodeship

After the reports about the drama of the residents of the care home in Jordanów, inspections of care homes across the country started at the behest of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The head of the ministry, Marlena Maląg, ordered the voivodes to check how other centers of this type function.

“I have asked the voivoden to carry out additional checks in the nursing homes and 24-hour care facilities for the disabled, the sick and the elderly who are supervised by them,” said the Minister of Family and Social Policy. The Małopolska Provincial Office in Kraków said it has been conducting an inspection in the local DPS since early June and additional psychological help has been sent to the facility.

The first inspections were launched in więtokrzyskie Voivodeship, among others. As voivode spokeswoman Marzena Chodakowska told TVN24 reporter Ewelina Wojtusik, inspections at two nursing homes in this voivodeship have not yet been completed, so there is no information about any irregularities.

Mass inspections of social housing. In Świętokrzyskie, officials entered two centersTVN24

The reporter asked the voivode’s spokeswoman about the inspections being carried out by the office workers. Chodakowska assured that they were unannounced. – There are several points that are part of these checks. For example, there are interviews with both the administrators of the facility and the residents. In addition, the accommodation and the conditions in which they stay are checked, says Chodakowska. He also points out that many more cases are being investigated by the accountants.

– The inspections have only just started and are still ongoing. However, it should be noted that in previous years, such inspections have also been carried out, and so far we have not received any alarming signals – informs the representative of the voivode.

There are 42 nursing homes and 19 24-hour care facilities in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

Main photo source: TVN24

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