Macron will talk to Putin. “I have heard that the aim of the war is to crush Russia. They say it will happen” | News from the world

The French president said his country should play the role of “a European power that mediates and strives for peace”. “I hear some people say that the aim of the war is to crush Russia. I tell them – it is a mistake. If you do that, you will never negotiate peace,” said Emmanuel Macron.

In an interview with the media, the politician also referred to questions about a possible trip to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin. “A trip to Russia requires conditions and gestures from President Putin,” he explained.

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“The most important thing is energy efficiency. Only then can they say: goodbye Putin!’

Macron on Putin talks: France’s role is to help Ukraine and maintain ties with Russia

In an interview, the French president also announced the continuation of telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin. “The role of France is to help Ukraine, but also to maintain ties and talk to Russia. So I will do it if it is useful. This is important because Zelensky and Putin are not talking to each other. There is currently no possibility on the side of Russia or Ukraine, to start new negotiations “- explained the President of France.

However, he stressed that the Paris-Moscow line talks were and will be held in consultation with the Ukrainian authorities.

Emmanuel Macron also said he did not believe in the agreement with Russia to unblock ports in Ukraine. Yesterday, European leaders called on Moscow in Kiev to agree to UN intervention to enable Ukrainian grain exports.

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Macron completed his visit to Central and Eastern Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron completed a three-day tour of Central and Eastern Europe, visiting Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. The head of state met the leaders of Germany, Italy, Romania and Ukraine in Kiev yesterday. He promised the Ukrainians to supply the guns and immediately grant them candidate status for the European Union.

After yesterday’s visit to Kiev, the French president said European leaders had given a clear signal of support for Ukraine. “The Ukrainian people are in a very difficult situation. It was the duty of France and Europe to come to the site to say that we are by their side, that we respect them and that we admire their courage,” said the French president in a statement. an interview with TF1.

French media commenting on the presidential visit said Emmanuel Macron was “trying to show that he is a friend of Ukraine”. However, according to observers, his relationship with Volodymyr Zelensky remains cool.

As Jakub Kumoch said on Twitter, Emmanuel Macron called Andrzej Duda on Friday to discuss yesterday’s visit to Kiev. During the conversation, President Andrzej Duda thanked France for its support of Ukraine’s candidate status for EU membership and announced that, together with the leaders of the Baltic States and Slovakia, he would support those who have not yet decided to take this step. put, would convince.

Ukraine with candidate country status for the European Union. Thank you Volodymyr Zelensky!

The head of the European Commission confirmed on Friday that there is a positive opinion on granting EU candidate status to Ukraine. Ursula von der Leyen said the commissioners had also asked member states to give Ukraine a European perspective. The Commission president said Ukraine has shown aspirations and determination to become a Community country, shares EU standards and has been moving closer to the EU for several years now.

“I welcome the positive opinion of the European Commission on granting candidate country status to Ukraine. This is the first step towards EU membership, which will certainly bring us closer to victory. Thanks to President Ursula von der Leyen and all members of the Commission for their historic decision,” Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Twitter. He added that he was also counting on a positive outcome from the debate on the issue at the EU leaders’ summit next week.

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