114th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian-flagged ships deliver Ukrainian grain to Syria

Ukraine has been defending itself against the invasion of Russian troops for 114 days. Support is being provided by other countries, as evidenced by Thursday’s visit by leaders of France, Italy and Germany, among others. The country under attack continues to call for military aid.

06:52 Commander British Armed Forces: Russia has already strategically lost the war

Russia is now even more weakened and has already “strategically lost” the war in Ukraine; Putin lost 25 percent. ground force, which is gaining very little, British armed forces commander Admiral Tony Radakin said, quoted by Sky News on Thursday.

Radakin estimated that Russia is running out of troops and advanced missiles. In his opinion, it will never be able to control all of Ukraine.

– This is Russia’s fatal mistake. It has already lost strategically (…) NATO is stronger, Finland and Sweden want to join the Alliance – said the British admiral.

– The Russian machine works hard and drives several kilometers every day (…) It will be difficult for Ukraine, but it will be a long fight. We support Ukraine, and Ukraine itself has shown how brave it is, he added.

He also praised the Ukrainians for the way in which they took the initiative in the fight against the Russians. “But they’re also honest when they admit they really need some support,” he said.

06:50 Ukrainian media: European leaders’ visit to Kiev was much needed

The visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to Kiev was much needed for Ukraine – European leaders supported her candidacy for the EU and expressed their willingness to continue to hand over weapons to Kiev – the Ukrainian media judge. They note that during the leaders’ visit, the anti-aircraft alarm went off twice, including once during a meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The first item on the program of the visit of European leaders was a tour of Irpien near Kiev. Ukrainian journalists commenting on the footage of this visit widely commented on the facial expressions and anxious eyes of Western politicians, especially the French leader.

The European Pravda portal publishes Macron’s statement that his talks with Vladimir Putin did not have the expected effect. He added that when he compares his experience of visiting the Irpien devastated by Russian troops with the number of hours he spent talking with the Russian president, the word “disappointment” is too weak to describe what he feels.

The Ukrainian satirical magazine “Peretz” presented the cover of its Friday issue with a caricature of Putin hugging Macron by the legs and saying: “You must not humiliate”. This is a reference to the recent words of the French president, who warned in an interview with the press that Russia should not be humiliated in order to find a diplomatic solution after the fighting in Ukraine. This appeal, and a satirical poem devoted to it, also appeared on the cover.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian journalists commenting on Macron, Scholz, Draghi and Iohannis’ trip to Kiev emphasize that their visit was much needed for Ukraine, as European leaders confirmed not only their support for Ukraine’s candidacy for the EU, but also their willingness to continue handing over arms to Ukraine.

During the broadcast on Censor.net, the moderator, Bohdan Butkewycz, emphasized that it should not be forgotten that Ukraine is an enemy of Russia and that the behavior of some European partners should not be labeled as hostile; as he added, there is simply no ready-made scenario for the end of this war in Europe. Moreover, according to Butkewycz, one should not succumb to anti-Western rhetoric, which will not serve the purpose of Ukraine’s victory.

05:06 Spain, Ukraine’s First Lady: I ​​beg Spain and the whole world to give us weapons

Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, inaugurated the international women’s leadership forum Santander WomenNOW in Madrid on Thursday. In an online speech, she asked for military equipment to be donated to “heroic Ukrainian women fighting at the front” in the war with Russia.

“As I say this, the city of Severodonetsk is still being destroyed by Russia,” Zelenska said. – When I behold Guernica, I see the ruined Mariupol and the killed inhabitants of Bucza – she added.

Zelenska introduced herself as ‘the ambassador of all Ukrainian women whose lives were broken by Russian aggression, but who did not give up’. Zelenska presented the tragic images of four women who were not broken by aggression and asked for weapons because ‘evil has come to Ukrainian homes’.

– Although this is not the role of the first lady, this is the first time I beg Spain and the whole world to give us weapons to protect us – she appealed. – Every day without weapons means more deaths for us. There are 37,000 in our military. Ladies. How are these heroic women to fight the enemy unarmed? – she added.

Zelenska also called for support for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. – We fight for the right to freedom and independence. We don’t want to be with you as a refugee, but as an allied country, the First Lady of Ukraine said.

04:43 Maxar: Russian flagged ships deliver Ukrainian grain to Syria

Satellite images released on Thursday by the American company Maxar Technologies show Russian-flagged ships transporting grain harvested in Ukraine to Syria last season, the Reuters news agency reported.

Maxar’s photos showed two Russian-flagged bulk carriers docking in the Russian-controlled Crimean port of Sevastopol in May.

A few days later, Maxar satellites registered the same ships docked in Syria, with hatches open and vans ready to remove the grain.

Ukraine, one of the world’s largest grain exporters, has accused Russia of stealing grain from areas Russian forces have occupied since the invasion began in late February. Western countries accused Russia of causing a global food crisis by closing Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea.

On June 8, the deputy head of the Ukrainian Union of Agricultural Producers (UAC) said that Russia had looted some 600,000 tons of grain from the occupied territory and exported some of it.

23:55 Zelenskiy: this is a really historic day

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described in his regular social media speech on Thursday evening the day of the visit of the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Romania to Kiev, in which they supported the granting of EU candidate status to Ukraine as truly historic.

Zelenskiy said it was very important to him that during a meeting with visiting leaders he heard the fundamental that they agreed that the end of the war and peace for Ukraine should be exactly as Ukraine sees it.

The Ukrainian leader thanked for the military and financial support of the countries whose leaders visited Kiev.

The president noted that anti-aircraft sirens sounded during the visit of foreign visitors to the capital. “Russia has created a backdrop where everyone hears these sirens, to create a tense atmosphere,” he said, adding that no one got scared, and that it only inspired those present to be as specific as possible and negotiate for the common interests of both Ukrainians and everyone in Europe.

Referring to the negotiations to end the war, Zelensky said they were not being waged because of the position of Russia, which was only trying to intimidate everyone in Europe and further destroy Ukraine.

During the visit of foreign leaders, Zelenskiy discussed with the guests the problems of overcoming the food crisis, the new package of sanctions against Russia, the topic of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and the problem of energy security.

“I believe it is no coincidence that the gas situation in Europe has worsened today: the price has gone up again,” he said. “Russia did it on purpose by limiting supplies to harm Europe, to hit Europeans,” he added.

According to Ukrainian leader Gazprom, “he has been trying to handcuff Europe for a long time”. “There should be no such dependence,” he said, adding, “this is another argument that Europe should now switch to a life without Russian gas.”

Referring to the situation at the front, Zelenskiy emphasized that the Ukrainian army fought under the conditions of significant quantitative advantage from the enemy, both in terms of technology and artillery systems.

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