Edyta Pazura reports on holidays in Italy: scenic views, swimming in the sea and Czarka’s MUSCULAR TORSION (PHOTOS)

Edyta Pazura has long been active as an influencer. Female Cezary Pazura eagerly reports on the day-to-day activities of the Internet and shares his thoughts on raising three children, Amelia, Antoni and Rita. Recently, for example, a celebrity published a series of bitter reflections on the Internet the Polish education system, openly describe it as “inefficient”.

Lately Edyta Pazura decided to take a break from Polish reality and on the occasion of a long weekend she and her husband went on a trip abroad. Now the celebrity is carefully documenting the next vacation on Instagram. On Wednesday evening, Edyta publicly melted about the benefits of the advertised by Cezary Pazura coffee machine. By the way, she revealed that she was waiting for her the next day morning drive to the airport.

(…) Coffee is needed because I have to pack. At 6:30 we have a flight from Modlin to Italy – she wrote.

As announced on Thursday Edyta reported to the Instagram observers at the crack of dawn. At 4:05 am, the celebrity published a photo of Warsaw in a dream with the caption: “Ah, adventure.” Shortly after, her report included some shots from inside the plane, including the mandatory removal of the wing from the machine and a photo with Czarek. The actor himself also boasted about the flight and at the same time revealed that a joint journey it’s a birthday present, that Edyta treated him.

Have a nice long weekend!!! As of today I get a present from my wife. trip – he announced.

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After the flight was over, the Claws arrived to the airport in the Italian province of Bari. On the spot, the spouses rented a plane and departed for San Vito, components picturesque town Polignano a Mare, located on the Adriatic Sea.

Shortly after their arrival, Edyta and Czarek treated themselves a walk through the area, then they decided to relax after the trip and jumped into the sea. Since the celebrity did not intend to part with the phone, her fans could admire on Instagram, among other things, picturesque coastal panorama and Caesary flexed his muscles in the water. After a short presentation of the impressive musculature, the actor swam to his wife. Then he was dressed in a blue swimming trunks he posed on a rock and proudly displayed his sculpted torso.

You could also see Edyta in holiday reports Cezary is on the rocks working on his tan, and shots of the hotel where the spouses will spend their vacation. The celebrity herself didn’t refuse herself either photo in a bathing suit with the surrounding views in the background. After a moment of carefree rest, the spouses went to one of the local restaurants to sample Italian delicacies.

See how Edyta and Cezary Pazurowie relax on vacation in Italy.

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The claw ages beautifully, great silhouette

And let them love each other

Czarek is barely breathing, but he’s still keeping track. Edi, let him grow old

He’s holding up very well

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It’s nice that they can ride the same without kids

to blend

7 minutes ago

Ms. Edyta is transparent, total lack of charisma, I’m not saying it’s bad … but any statement can take a nap from boredom

Say what you will, but Cezary looks phenomenal, better than no 30 year old!

Cezary in-laws, but at this age you can’t help but practice more, so respect. May all “grandfathers” at this age be in this form. And I’m jealous of my vacation.

At least he’s not whining like hagrid about Rayn Cool Editor

Sun discoloration on the forehead, and it’s still tanned.

After all, Edyta is made, but tasty of course. And Czarek looks much better now than in the days of “Killer”. They are a very cool couple, I support them a lot!

They are suitable for a treat. It may even be Italian.

Now it’s a torment to be in Italy, it’s very hot, I’ve lived here for 15 years, it’s best to come from the beginning of June to the end of August.

She doesn’t look older than 30, I’d give her 50. Too much post-processing.

Where is the video of the promotion campaign of Fabijański and Rafalala!? fans waiting

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