This way you can save on fuel and tolls. Even a few tens of zloty

  • NaviExpert navigation experts analyzed the routes to the most chosen holiday destinations in Poland – Pozna, Warsaw and Wrocław

  • Depending on the route chosen, you can save up to a few dozen zlotys on fuel and highway tolls

  • The calculations take into account a car with a petrol engine and an average consumption of approx. 7.5 l/100 km

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Is it better to choose a longer and more economical route, or to reduce the travel time to an hour and a half, but at a higher price to several tens of zlotys? That is the question. In times of increasingly expensive petrol or diesel oil and high highway tolls, a long weekend drive can cost us a lot. Contrary to what it may seem, the answer which option is better is not as obvious as it may seem. Sometimes saving time is much more important than saving on fuel. But it can also be different when costs take precedence over reducing travel time. There are also roadside checks and the option to take an unwanted “souvenir” in the form of a speed camera photo.

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From Pozna, Warsaw and Wrocław for a long weekend

NaviExpert experts have checked the most popular routes in Poland. Expeditions from major cities (such as Pozna, Warsaw, Wrocław) to the Polish coast, Masurian lakes and mountain resorts were scrutinized. It turns out that, depending on the route, you can save up to a quarter of a tank of fuel, save several dozen zlotys on highway tolls, or reach your destination more than 90 minutes earlier, but at a much higher price (the cost was calculated in the assuming a car consumes about 7.5 liters of 95 petrol, priced at PLN 7.9 per litre).

Photo: NaviExpert / Telematics Technologies

Warsaw-Krynica Zdroj

The biggest differences relate to those who travel from Wrocław and head towards the Tatra Mountains. Depending on the route, you need to spend 4.5 hours or 6 hours to get to Zakopane. In the case of the economic ones, the savings reach PLN 40. However, on the way there are six speed cameras and one section of speed measurement.

Even more than PLN 80 fuel savings

There are also large differences in costs for trips to the Polish coast. The economic route from Poznań to Kołobrzeg saves more than PLN 80 on fuel and no tolls at highway gates. However, you should take into account that we arrive 45 minutes later than with the more expensive, but also faster route. In the case of travelers from Wrocław to Świnoujście, the differences in travel time will be much smaller, but the savings can amount to more than PLN 70. For those moving from Warsaw to Hel, the choice is between a longer journey on the highway or a shorter highway a difference of only a few minutes and a few dozen zlotys (almost PLN 30 for A1 ports and about PLN 46 for fuel).

Map of Toll Highways in Poland

Photo: NaviExpert / Telematics Technologies

Map of Toll Highways in Poland

Katarzyna Przybylska from Telematics Technologies (navigation provider NaviExpert) explains: “This year we pay special attention to how much we spend. Also when planning weekend or holiday trips. It is better to get to your destination faster and pay more or a longer, but save route.” We leave the answer to this question to our users. With them in mind, we offer NaviExpert different versions of routes, from which you can choose the fastest, cheapest or most comfortable. We know it’s good to have a choice, also to look for something closer.”

How do you find interesting places along the route?

Szymon Sołtysik from Mazdy Motor Poland, who is developing the Slow Road project together with NaviExpert, also encourages shorter journeys to discover interesting places in the area. All you need to do is set a route in the navigation and then select the option to search for points of interest (Slow road category) along the road.

“The Slow Road project, run by our brand for several years, allows you to see and experience. We want to offer the pleasure of travelling, discovering non-obvious places and relaxing away from the city ​​noise. NaviExpert navigation users can take advantage of the inspiring database of slow points, created with regeneration in mind. in the bosom of nature or choose one of the non-obvious but charming routes perfect for a family trip. We forget often that unique places are within reach, and the best trips don’t cost much – we remind you “- explains Sołtysik.

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