Presentation of the draft law on civil protection and the state of natural disasters – conference with the participation of the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration – General Headquarters of the State Fire Brigade

New procedures are being created so that the state can act decisively, decisively and less bureaucratically in crisis situations. The aim is to protect and assist the victims of all kinds of emergencies as quickly as possible – said Minister Mariusz Kamiński. On Tuesday, June 14 this year. Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, Minister Mariusz Kamiński and Deputy Minister Maciej Wąsik presented details of the draft law on civil protection and the state of natural disasters.

During the conference, Minister Mariusz Kamiński recalled that the new procedures were created on the basis of crisis experiences related to the pandemic, the arrival of refugees from Ukraine or threats related to atmospheric situations such as fires, hurricanes and floods. He also stated that the draft law had been discussed during the meetings of the Committee of the Council of Ministers for National Security and Defence.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration noted that the proposed law is an important addition to the adopted law on the defense of the homeland.

The draft law on civil protection and the state of natural disasters focuses on issues related to crisis management, with in extreme cases the situation of the civilian population

said the minister.

Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński referred to work on the bill.

In preparing this law, we have taken into account the dangers that characterize the current difficult time, namely what is happening in Ukraine and what has already happened on the Polish border with Belarus

He explained.

The chairman of the Committee of the Council of Ministers for National Security and Defense recalled that the law must be applied in such a way that dangers can be identified as quickly as possible and adequately countered.

Structure and financing of the new system

The head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration spoke about changes in the functioning of the Government Crisis Management Team (RZZK).

We want the government crisis management team to be a decision team in the most severe situations, to concentrate the decision-making and executive center in one place

– he announced.

Under the proposed regulations, RZZK will be headed by the Prime Minister and his deputy the Minister of the Interior. If the crisis situations cover a smaller area, action is taken by the Minister of the Interior and the Voivodes respectively.

Minister Mariusz Kamiński inquired about the establishment of the Population Protection Fund, which will finance civil protection tasks.

These funds are defined by law as 0.1 of our country’s GDP, which in current reality means about PLN 3 billion. It becomes a non-expiring fund, the funds not used in a particular year are carried over to the next year. These are very serious instruments for effective operation

– He said.

Funds from the Fund will be distributed, half will be at the disposal of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, and the other half – to voivodes. They will include immediate relief activities (support to victims of natural disasters) and investments in security infrastructure.

As part of the Population Protection Fund, the money will also go to the State Medical Rescue System. Based on the resources of the volunteer fire brigade, a corps of paramedics (about 10,000 paramedics) will be established to assist the local communities. In a few years, more than 2.8 thousand jobs will be created. ambulances going to Polish municipalities.

Minister Mariusz Kamiński also announced that benefits to those affected by natural disasters will be increased. This amount goes up from 6 thousand. PLN to 10 thousand. zloty.

We are also increasing support for the reconstruction of houses and real estate from 200,000. PLN, as it is now, up to 300,000. zloty. The money is at the discretion of the voivode

– emphasizes the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

The law also provides for the introduction of mandatory first aid courses for high school students, led by lifeguards, and the modernization of the Emergency Notification System (number 112).

Experience-based solutions

Deputy Minister Maciej Wąsik emphasized that the prepared solutions are based on the experience of people who deal with crisis situations on a daily basis. It is about the experiences of voivodes, PSP, TSO and local government officials.

With this law we want to simplify the bureaucratic procedures. We are abolishing the obligation for crisis management plans from the national to the municipal level. Instead, we propose to create an IT system that will create an inventory of all civil defense assets. This will make it possible to assess the state of preparedness of a particular region for a crisis situation

– announced the deputy minister.

The Undersecretary of State for the Ministry of Interior and Administration also said that the draft Civil Protection Act defines the states of preparedness. There are three states: state of emergency, state of emergency, and natural disaster.

Deputy Minister Maciej Wąsik also spoke about other changes included in the bill presented today. This includes transformation of the civil defense system during the war (“W” era) into a civil defense system and the establishment of the National Rescue System, which will replace the currently operating National Rescue and Fire Fighting System (KSRG).

The draft law on civil protection and the state of natural disasters was submitted to the list of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers.

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