Mokosh opens its first showroom

Showroom MOKOSH / (Photo: Press materials)

Body butter with vanilla and thyme next to a candle that smells like a pine forest or a meadow. Although you can poetically describe the natural MOKOSH cosmetics, it is still difficult to describe the sensory experiences that accompany us when we experience them with our own senses. With this in mind, the Polish brand opened its first unique showroom, which we visited.

The first MOKOSH showroom is located in Laski, near Łomianki, near Warsaw, at 53 Trenów Street, almost near the Kampinos National Park. This closeness to nature is a good introduction and a foretaste of the slogan under which the meeting with the brand’s cosmetics will end. And even with … a goddess who, in ancient beliefs, took care of crops and women – because the name MOKOSH comes from the Old Slavic deity of earth, moisture, fertility and fertility. It is from her gifts that the recipes of this cosmetic are made.

MOKOSH brand founders: Anna Didiuk and Anna Rutkowska-Didiuk / (Photo: Press material)

We are welcomed in the boutique by the founders of the brand, Anna Rutkowska-Didiuk and Anna Didiuk, who came up with the idea eight years ago to do something different in the Polish cosmetics market: niche and in spirit loess waste† Today they are both real business women – they even have this title on paper, because in 2020 they received it in the competition of the Foundation of Success Written with Lipstick (“Businesswoman of the Year 2020”).

The constantly growing MOKOSH range already includes more than 100 body and facial care products (with unique formulations and proven effects), as well as something for the soul – scented candles. Everything is closed in a dark glass packaging, which contrasts with the concrete wall of the boutique – the unusual interior will impress any aesthetic. This is thanks to Mata Kubaja, who is responsible for the final appearance of the showroom, a visual artist, interior architect and painter, in whose works design and art blend beautifully and complement each other at the same time.

Interior of the Mata Kubaja project / (Photo: Press materials)

Kubaj’s clean style is reflected in the MOKOSH design, but there are also elements to add warmth. For example, these are the colors in the interior – mainly earth tones, brown, beige and black, which provide the perfect background for displaying the brand’s cosmetics. The main materials used in the room are also of natural origin. It is wood and rattan, but also organic textiles such as linen, braids and bouclé.

The central place here is a table made of walnut wood, on which the new products of the brand are presented (great cheeses from the “Oats and Bamboo” line and the most sought-after after the whimsical spring passion fruit self-tanner).

Interior of the Mata Kubaja project / (Photo: Press materials)
The design of the new boutique is based on natural materials / (Photo: Press materials)

The architect also focused on mood lighting. The dimmed main light and the spots create an atmosphere like in a SPA. This effect is enhanced by spots of brown tones used on the walls, making it seem like you’re in a cave or cave.

Since the inspiration was nature, the boutique could not run out of plants. Hence a large date palm and an abstract image of Kubaj – with an organic motif – painted with Japanese ink and painted with tea leaves. The work closes off the space and forms a sublime dot over and.

Smoothing facial serum in dark glass vials / (Photo: Press materials)

The MOKOSH showroom is not only a store where you can touch and smell all the special products, it will also be a place for meetings, training courses and workshops. The cosmetics of the sister brand needit nature, which also fits the philosophy of minimalism, quality and beauty, have also hit the shelves here.

It is worth visiting the boutique alone, especially for the first purchases – experienced employees will tell you which products to start your MOKOSH brand adventure with. Be warned that this is one that is quickly addictive.

The minimalist design reflects the philosophy of the MOKOSH brand / (Photo: Press materials)

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