We know the winners of the 24th edition of the “Projekt Łazienki 2022” – House Competition

The competition “Projekt Łazienki 2022” for students and architects has just ended. The official end of the competition, partnered with the Museum of the Palace of King John III in Wilanów and the announcement of the jury verdict, took place on June 13, 2022 at the Wilanów residence.

The task of this year’s 24th edition of the “Projekt Łazienki 2022” competition, organized by Geberit, was to design the eastern pavilion with the function of a public toilet, located in the northern part of the royal gardens of the Museum of King John III’s Palace in Wilanów, next to the Orangery.

101 projects were submitted for the competition, which were assessed by the jury consisting of: prof. dr hab. eng. arch. Ewa Kuryłowicz – Kuryłowicz & Associates. laureate of the honorary prize of SARP 2021, laureate of the special prize for lifelong activity in the field of architecture of the PTPW website (2018), gold badge of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) (2017), titular professor in the department of Design and Theory of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology: arch. Robert Konieczny – KWK Promes; Arch Magdalena Federowicz-Boule – president of the Tremend studio; Paweł Jaskanis – director of the museum of the palace of King John III in Wilanów; Marta Gutweter – architect of the museum of the palace of King John III in Wilanów; dr hab. Barbara Kowalewska – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Museum of the Palace of King John III in Wilanów; dr hab. Ewa Zaraś-Januszkiewicz – University of Life Sciences of Warsaw, Department of Environmental Protection and Dendrology; Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys – APA Wojciechowski Architekci; Arch Miroslaw Nizio – Nizio Design International; Marta Sękulska-Wrońska – partner in the WXCA studio, president of OW SARP; arch. Marcin Gierbienis – laureate of the circle competition “Projekt Łazienki 2021” and Przemysław Powalacz – chairman of the board of directors of Geberit.

The results were announced on June 13, 2022, during the end of the competition, which took place in the Kitchen Annex, in the Wilanów residence of King John III. The event was organized by Katarzyna Jaroszyńska, TVN journalist.

Grand Prix of the KOŁO Competition “Łazienki Design 2022” and a special prize for the best designed public toilet according to the principles of universal design received the project “SUBTILITAS”, the authors of which are Dominik Pierzchlewicz, Kuba Zajusz and Tomasz Bachórz. According to the jury, the work is distinguished by a good integration in the context of the historical environment, with respect for the values ​​of the historic Orangery. The newly designed pavilion deviates from the historic building and at the same time forms a visually connecting element with the existing greenhouses. The Orangery wall attached to the pavilion foyer can provide an impressive backdrop for the exhibition of sculptures. A positive element of the solution is the location of the entire application program on the ground floor. The toilet block is legible, the placement of adapted toilets for people with disabilities is clear and equal. Access to sanitary facilities provides the desired intimacy. The decision to neutralize the glass volume using sliding curtains is simple and at the same time offers many economical alternatives, both for architectural and technical reasons. The jury noted that the minimalist architecture of the pavilion requires the development of architectural, technical and constructive solutions of the highest quality and class. The jury also awarded this solution with a special prize in the field of universal design. This award recognizes easy access to a well-placed and untethered cab, the details of which require only minor changes.

Honorable mention I. diploma and a special prize for designing in the spirit of sustainable development and the use of renewable and environmentally friendly materials, the use of renewable energy sources, designing solutions aimed at changing non-ecological behavior of residents and tourists, went to Krzysztof Krakówko for the concept of “around the pavilion”. The jury appreciated the emphasized relationship with the former and current garden facilities in the historic park, which do not conflict with the principle of functional separation and the historic Orangery in daylight and with artificial light. Designed facades are safe for birds, sliding panels offer possibilities for shaping the architectural expression and thermal regulation. They shape their environment by creating divines and their garden spaces next to the pavilion. The ecological values ​​are justified by: the aesthetics of the pavilion and the formal and ideological references to the environment.

Second degree award was won by Adrianna Barłóg, Stanisław Borys, Witold Budzyński, Antoni Figiel, Mateusz Dziuba and Agnieszka Gajewska for the project “Garden of the Hesperides – Design of the Eastern Pavilion of King Jan III’s Orangery in Wilanów” – the work attracted the attention of the jury with a unique idea to furnish the toilet area by introducing green elements. The project takes into account the ecological aspect in the form of collecting rainwater in the basement areas. Glass facades in the right proportion match the garden space and above all respect the architectural dignity of the Orangery Building. The design is characterized by a simple functional layout, which ensures free access for people with disabilities. Precious materials were also used with precision.

Three projects received equal 3rd degree awards† The first of them, “NOWE KOŁO OLEGO”, whose authors are: Izabela Maciejewska-Gałaś, Izabela Osiak and Karolina Wilgucka-Burzyńska, was awarded for its very good fit in the context of adjacent park layouts and classical buildings. The openwork structure through the almost literal rendering of the classicist orangery facade, column portico, vaulted window lintels, vertical pilasters and horizontal cornices is a kind of artistic installation. The structure of the pavilion, which has architectural and aesthetic value in its own right, refers directly to the garden pavilions and pergolas found in historical Italian and French garden assumptions. The second, third degree, equal distinction went to: Malwina Bednarz and Ruben Mejias Garcia for the project “XXI • GALLERY NATURY”. The jury appreciated the work because it fit into the context of the environment without destroying the visual substance of the park. The materials and technologies used meet the requirements for an ecological approach to architectural solutions, making the designed element universal. The interiors feature plant elements that refer to the function of the Orangery Building. However, they do not directly convey the way plants are displayed in historic greenhouses. It is a new, contemporary interpretation of the presence of a plant in the interior. Third, third degree, equal award and a special prize for the best designed bathroom interior were awarded to: Jakub Wichtowski, Magdalena Burdajewicz, Marta Drgas, Mikołaj Gruszczyński and Jan Zieliński for the concept of the “Orangery Pavilion”. References to the architecture of the existing building are subtle, but at the same time attract the attention of the recipient. Two monoliths in a form that is a creative interpretation of the arch motif – a characteristic element of the facades of the monument, form the structure of the object while giving it its identity. The functionality of the interior is built around it.

The work was additionally awarded for the interior design, appreciating both the clear character of the spatial organization and the visual value of the space, demonstrating the sensitivity of the authors.

Internet users also had the chance to choose the best project – the most votes were given to the project “KOŁO OGRODÓW”, the authors of which are Maria Hofman, Alicja Sutkowska, Mikołaj Szewko and Katarzyna Karczewska.

Match partner: Museum of the Palace of King John III in Wilanów

Honorary patronage: SARP, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Association of Interior Architects (SAW), Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology

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