There is a draft law on subsidies for coal

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Forum Rules

§1. Rekord Grupa Mediowa sp.Z oo, hereinafter referred to as the administrator, offers its users the possibility to use the Internet forum on the website, hereinafter referred to as the forum, free of charge, to submit comments and opinions on the topics of the published publications and the exchange of views and discussions related thereto.

§2. Access to the Forum is granted to all users of the public Internet network who use the website, hereinafter referred to as Forum participants. To post a comment below the publication, the Forum participant, after reading the contents of the Forum Rules, fills in the contents in the box below the publication, along with the signature. Forum participants can also express their opinion by voting, called “Paws” under the comments posted, which votes are automatically counted and updated with subsequent page views.

§3. The forum participant publishes his comments and opinions solely at his own risk. The Administrator bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content posted on the Forum pages by Forum participants.

§4. It is unacceptable for participants to post on the forum pages illegal content that violates the rights of third parties, contains pornographic, vulgar or obscene content, incites racial or religious or ethnic hatred, violates human dignity, incites violence or violence in practice promotes world.

§5. It is unacceptable for participants to post on the pages of the forum any content that is generally considered to be morally reprehensible, inconsistent with the principles of social coexistence, that contains hatred, defamation or willfully offensive, including accusations and opinions that are defamatory of the administrator and who violates the reputation of his company, media, owners and employees.

§6. It is unacceptable for participants to post content on the forum pages that contains advertising messages, links from other websites, advertising content, spam and unsolicited commercial information. Continued posting of repetitive content under many publications, as well as comments that are in no way related to the publication and unnecessary due to the topic of the discussion, will be treated as spam.

§7. The administrator reserves the right to refuse to make the statements in par. 4, 5 and 6 of the Forum Rules as well as other incriminating statements by him, as well as the right to block participation in the Forum with regard to persons who violate the provisions of par. 4, 5 and 6 of the Rules. The publisher may also pass on the data of forum participants in its possession to the courts, the public prosecutor’s office, the police and other competent government authorities for their proceedings.

§8. The administrator performs automatic moderation through the anti-spam system, which is additionally equipped with a profanity filter, which is responsible for removing content classified into these categories. Manual moderation is used in exceptional cases, after analyzing reports resulting from violations of Sections 4, 5 and 6 and other provisions of the Rules.

§9. The administrator reserves the right to exclude the forum from the content of the website he manages or to change the method of adding a comment to other options available under the post frame, and to disable the possibility switch to comment on individual publications without giving reasons for such action.

§10. The administrator will make every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the Forum and to provide assistance in solving problems related to its functioning.

§11. Forum participants, by posting their comments and opinions on the Forum website, undertake to comply with the Forum Rules.

§12. These regulations are valid from the moment of publication. The administrator reserves the right to make changes to these regulations. All changes will become effective at the time of publication on the website

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