The most beautiful handbags from Polish brands for the summer of 2022. We want these 5 models!

Do you have a piece of clothing or accessory you crave all winter long? In our case, it is a basket, so it is this model that opens the list in which the most beautiful handbags of Polish brands are waiting for the summer of 2022.

We don’t have to look far for beautiful clothing and accessories. We are fortunate to have many talented designers under our noses who turn their visions into new things that can find their way into our wardrobe every season. Some time ago we wrote together about 9 of the most beautiful clothes and accessories with a Polish labelthat we would like to have. This time we focus specifically on handbags. You don’t need to have a lot of these in your closet to be prepared for any occasion. 5 models from the list below are sufficient. Handbags from Polish brands for the summer of 2022 they can just save any situation.

Number one on the list of summer handbagsthat must appear in our wardrobes are baskets. Follow in the footsteps Jane Birkin we don’t just wear them to the beach or picnic, we just don’t part with them all season long. All you need is a simple dress, your favorite Birkenstocks and just him – the basket – to have the perfect outfit for every day. Where do you find the right one? We noticed mako basket† The model from the new collection focuses on a surprising game of contrasts. At one extreme, we have a well-known and beloved basket, a timeless model. The second has a modern accent in the form of a neon color. Their mixture paid off the perfect basket for summer 2022

The results of the competition for the most beautiful handbag of the season have been announced some time ago. Then she was on stage handbag from the Gino Rossi collection† The model that looks like a catwalk turned out to be a project of a Polish brand, which, in addition to the designs of top fashion houses, also impresses with its affordable price. This bag actually has everything you would expect from such an accessory.

Universal color, a timeless cut and practical solutions in the form of a handle and a long strap that allows you to wear it in different ways, and this is still not the end of the list of advantages that caught our attention. Design is also important, and while it’s quite simple, it’s interspersed with a few details that make this bag ravishing.

On the watch the most beautiful handbag for summer 2022 we also went to Polish retail chain† The number of models available didn’t make the task any easier, but then we saw it and lost it. Corrugated Reserved Handbag in the old style caught our eye right away. Lately, fashion designers are increasingly giving us time machine travel, so in the end we’re not surprised that they’ve led us not only to Y2K hits, but even older designs. The bag is made of plastic, so it can be a good alternative for vegans who don’t want to wear natural leather products.

In the case of accessories, we don’t focus on single-season hits. Even if we are interested in handbags from the summer collection 2022, we do not think about it in the context of several months. For this reason, we mainly focus on a universal and simple design that allows you to often wear a new accessory. However, this does not mean that we never allow ourselves a little insanity. Impressions were meant to be counted, and this wallet gave us them from the first moment. I’m talking about a model finished with pens from the collection Jenny Fee† Now the ornament, which last season really only adorned pajamas, has also shifted to accessories. Admittedly, the effects are pleasing to the eye.

Summer is not just about new clothing styles and accessories, but also about an excuse to finally go wild with color. For this reason, at least one of the most beautiful handbags from Polish brands had to be added to our list of the most beautiful handbags from Polish brands, which went beyond the scheme of black and brown accessories. It was not easy, but in the end the choice fell on the color sage. The recently popular shade is a great option not only for clothes. simple handbag that’s the best proof.

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