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The train “Słoneczny” first departed in 2005. It ran continuously during every summer vacation until 2019, carrying more than 1.3 million passengers for 14 years.

The connection will not reopen in 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this year the train will be back on track. However, the Mazowieckie railways expect an even greater interest in travel from Warsaw to the coast, which is why they have also decided to launch the “Słoneczny Bis”.

– The train will consist of modern air-conditioned double-decker carriages, which will certainly provide our passengers with a comfortable and safe journey – emphasizes Robert Stępień, president of Koleje Mazowieckie.

Trains “Sunny” and “Sunny Bis”. Departure time and route

“Słoneczny” will run every day from June 25 to August 31, 2022 and will drive along the route from Warsaw to Ustka. It stops in six towns in Masovia (at the following stations: Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Wschodnia, Legionowo, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Nasielsk, Ciechanów and Mława Miasto), two in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship (Działdowo and Iława), and also in ten in Pomerania (Prabuty, Malbork, Tczew, Gdańsk Główny, Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, Gdańsk Oliwa, Sopot, Gdynia Główna, Wejherowo, Lębork, Słupsk, Ustka).

This year it will depart from Warszawa Centralna station at 5:55 AM, it will be in Gdańsk around 9:00 AM and will arrive in Ustka at 11:25 AM. It will depart on the return journey after 12:00 PM and end the run at Warszawa Centralna station a few minutes after 6:00 PM.

The “Słoneczny Bis”, on the other hand, will only run on weekends and public holidays on the route Warszawa Zachodnia – Gdynia Główna – Warszawa Centralna. It will leave the capital at 9:03 AM and will arrive in the Tri-City at 12:56 PM. The return journey starts at 6:29 PM to be at Warszawa Centralna station at 9:59 PM.

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“Sunny” – ticket prices

Mazowieckie Railways indicates that train tickets are issued only for a single journey according to separate offers, with the appropriate mention on the ticket “Sunny Special Offer”, “Sunny Bis Special Offer”.

“This means that the ticket issued for the “Słoneczny” train does not entitle you to travel on the “Słoneczny Bis” train, and vice versa. Tickets according to the offer can be purchased in advance up to seven days before the planned travel date” – informs the carrier.

“The sale of single-use tickets under the special offer will be carried out by: ticket offices, in ticket machines, in mobile applications, in the online sales system and on the train by conductor teams on the day of travel” – they add Mazovian Railways.

  • Normal ticket for travel a one-way ticket to Ustka costs PLN 75while the student rate is PLN 36.
  • for the ride “Słoneczne” and “Słoneczne Bis” we pay 60 zloty to the Tri-Cityand students under PLN 30.
  • People traveling on the route from Słupsk to Ustka can use special offer for the price of PLN 7


  • 33 percent off school and kindergarten teachers (public and private), academic teachers, and honorary blood donors will enjoy it.
  • Discount of 37 percent. it covers children and students from 4 to 18 years old, parents (or the parent’s spouse) with a Large Family Card, the blind, retirees and retirees, veterans and people of the 2nd or 3rd group of invalids.
  • 51 percent off – college students (up to age 26), veterans, anti-communist opposition activists, doctoral students (up to age 35).
  • 78 percent discount – children and young people with disabilities, their parents and guardians (one person), soldiers.
  • Discount of 93 percent – blind persons considered incapable of independent existence.
  • 95 percent off – Veterans’ guardians or guides, war invalids, people incapable of independent existence.
  • 100% discount – children up to 4 years old, military personnel, uniformed police officers, Customs and Tax officials, Marechaussee, military law enforcement agencies.

Other Traveler Amenities

On the trains “Słoneczny” and “Słoneczny – BIS” you can transport your dog or bicycle for free.

If you travel with holiday connections, Koleje Mazowieckie encourages you to visit and take advantage of discounts from their partners as part of the “Railroad to Culture” campaign. They are courses, incl. to the Museum of Central Pomerania in Słupsk and its branches – the Museum of the Slovenian Countryside in Kluki and the Museum of Folk Culture in Swołów.

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