Cudawianki is back. Gdynia will welcome the summer tree!


If you’re celebrating the start of the sunny summer, it’s best to celebrate in Gdynia – in Cudawianki. The popular festival to welcome the summer returns after a pandemic break, and this Saturday, June 18, includes near the beach, chill and food truck zone and traditional wreath making. Concerts in the evening!

Are you looking for a way to welcome the summer in a great and good mood? This Saturday it is worth visiting Gdynia as after a pandemic break the well known and popular Cudawianki returns. Already June 18 in Gdynia, the main festival day marked by concerts on the beach well known to residents and tourists of Gdynia, but rather – from Monday June 13th – other activities related to the weaving of the symbol of Cudawianki, ie … the title wreaths, have also started.

This year’s event is a return to Gdynia’s summer tradition after a two-year hiatus when plans were thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic. Participants can once again symbolically greet summer in Gdynia, swinging on the downtown beach to the sounds coming from the outdoor stage, where a musical layer is played until late in the evening. Cudawinkow 2022 they take care of the djs.

This year we have a very extensive workshop offer for residents, where residents can participate in prepared wreath weaving workshops on June 13 and 14, after prior registration. All proceeds from the sale of these wreaths will be used to help our guests from Ukraine. (…) This year we invited DJ sets, this is DJ Hiroshima, who will also weave strongly Ukrainian themes in his work, then The Very Polish Cut Outs with Polish music from the 70s and 80s in new sounds and on the end Novika with their new album “Novika 2.0”, released in November 2021. I think that after such a long time, when we could not participate in the concerts on the beach that the locals were used to, this return is definitely a success will be

– announces Maya Wagnerhead of the Culture Department of Gdynia City Hall.

What exactly happens on Saturday 18 June?

Day program:

On Boulevard Nadmorski there is an opportunity to relax in the chill zone, weave a wreath with the Circle of Housewives from Lubichów and create a variation on the theme of a Ukrainian wreath. A fundraiser is also planned to support Ukraine.

There will be INFLATIONAL RISES for workers. Who exactly gets them?

An important part will also be a wreath competition. We invite all residents of Gdynia to participate in the wreath competition for Ukraine. During the event, wreaths entered for the competition will be offered for sale in conjunction with an auction. We donate the total income to Ukraine, and we reward the most beautiful wreaths with material prizes. Wreaths for the contest can be made using any technique, anyone can participate in this project. We are waiting for registrations and wreaths until June 15th. More information about the competition is available at and on social media.

Throughout the festival, you can recharge your batteries in the food truck zone.

Concerts on the miracle stage:

In the evening, music will take over the city. Cudawianki cannot take place without a traditional concert. Around 8 p.m., the stage on the city beach is filled with energetic rhythms. In the beginning, a club warm-up is planned to the sounds of DJ Hiro Szyma & MC. At 9.30 pm the stage will be taken by representatives of The Very Polish Cut Outs. The evening will conclude with the performance of the queen of the Polish club scene – Katarzyna Nowicka, better known as Novika (live project Novika 2.0), starting at 23:00.

The detailed program of the Cudawianki festival is available on the website The organizer of the event is the city of Gdynia.

Wreaths on the Vistula River

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