7 tips to get your bike ready for a safe ride

First things first: wash your bike

Washing the bicycle is an activity that not only affects the visual qualities, but also allows you to extend the life of the device and its components – washed works better. To clean the bicycle, you should have warm water, brushes, cleaning cloths, suitable cleaning agents, degreasers and grease ready. Washing should start from the frame – it is worth rinsing it with more water first. Then use brushes and liquids to remove the dirt from all parts one at a time. The most important thing is to thoroughly clean moving parts. A dirty chain, chainrings and cassette all make it much worse and wear out faster. In addition, it is more difficult to spot any defects on unwashed parts. Finally, dry the bicycle thoroughly to prevent rust formation and bad aesthetic stains.

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Second, check the condition of the tires

Driving with underinflated wheels can damage the tires and rims themselves. How to prevent it? The tire pressure level can be checked manually. It is enough to press the tire with your thumb while your fingers enclose the rim. You will find the optimum pressure when the tire bends just a little bit. Each tire has a manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure on the sidewall. It is usually given as a range from-to in two scales: bar and PSI. The lower pressure generally means better grip and also more driving comfort on uneven surfaces. A higher rolling resistance in turn reduces the rolling resistance, but unfortunately also makes holes in the road more visible.

Third: adjust the brakes

Bad brakes are easy to spot. Usually, when the brakes stop working properly, braking distance increases, resistance is weak, and the response of a single unit is sluggish to tighten the brake levers. In addition, you will hear a squeak and a characteristic noise when the liners rub against the rim or brake disc. What should I do? In most cases they can be adjusted by turning the cylinder knob on the caliper on the handlebar. This action allows you to loosen or tighten the brake cable, changing the distance between the pads and the rim. Finally, the brakes must be lubricated with a suitable product, which guarantees a safe stop.

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Fourth: lubricate the chain

It is also important to lubricate the chain immediately after washing the bicycle. For this activity, you can use a specialized synthetic oil or purchase a special bicycle lubricant from a service center or bicycle shop. It is worth remembering that lubricating the chain itself is a very simple operation. Remember to put one drop of oil on each cell. This is very important information because a poorly lubricated bicycle chain is mainly exposed to the adverse effects of external factors and also becomes less efficient.

After drinking: check saddle and lighting

Checking the seating position is one of the simplest steps, which is why many people skip this step. It is common to ignore it and an incorrectly positioned saddle has a number of inconveniences: reduced driving pleasure, limited comfort, reduced maneuverability or even the risk of damaging the frame. So how do you position the saddle correctly? If you are on a bicycle, rest your foot on the pedal in the downward position – the leg should be slightly bent at the knee at this point. Then, while holding the handlebars with both hands, check that the elbows are slightly bent. The next step – checking the lighting, thoroughly polishing all lamps. Please note that according to Polish law, lighting a bicycle is mandatory, even during the day.

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Sixth: Tighten all screws

An important step when preparing the bicycle for road use is checking whether all bolts are properly tightened. They have a huge impact on the level of driving safety and the durability of the components themselves. In addition, individual parts wear out much faster, sometimes causing more serious faults on the bicycle.

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If we don’t know much about cycling or if we don’t have time to take care of our own and our own equipment, it is worth using professional cycling services. On site, experts check the condition of the brake pads and tires, shock absorber legs, adjust the gears, disassemble the main parts of the bicycle and thoroughly lubricate them.

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The list of STORM bicycle distribution points is available on the brand’s website: http://stormrowery.pl/gdzie-kupic. You can also purchase a STORM-manufactured device from distribution points that are connected to bicycle services. The Polish brand offers different categories of bicycles, including interesting models for women, men and the youngest: tourist (trekking), cityline (cityline), mountain bike (MTB) and children.

Before reaching the customer, we always make sure that each of the units produced is technically efficient and of high quality. The same goes for maintenance at distribution points, our partners carefully check the efficiency of our customers’ bicycles before they hit the road during a certain season or outside the city. We feel responsible for the safe journey of our customers, that’s why we take care of details during maintenance together with our cooperating partners all over Poland, emphasizes Adam Zitek, the owner and founder of the STORM brand. Also adds: If you have prepared the bike yourself to travel the route, be it in games or in the city, it is worth checking it even more closely in the service, especially if children are “behind the wheel”.

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Proper preparation of the bike is a guarantee for a safe and comfortable ride. Bicycle maintenance should be an annual obligation. Finally, when your unit is ready to race or go for a ride, you should think about dusting accessories such as a helmet, buckle or cushions. At the end there is also a comfortable attic … and there you go.

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