The war in Ukraine. Olaf Scholz in Kyiv. The German press commented

log “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (“FAZ”) estimates that “if the chancellor wants to go to Ukraine now, then actually” need to take some special trains and preferably right away go to the frontbecause the Ukrainian Armed Forces need it more than ever effective weapons and ammunition† Even the prospect of EU candidate status is solemnly presented on a silver tray is not yet a life-saving measure” – writes “FAZ”.

“This one awaited by Kiev and undoubtedly an important sign is an award for Ukraine. Moreover, EU enlargements were not primarily the result of reforms and meeting the criteria – but signals: you belong to us! And now it is. Our values ​​are under attack Ukrainians fight and die for us” – adds the journal.

regional newspaper “Maerkische Oderzeitung” from Brandenburg (the state near the border with Poland – editor’s note) writes that it was established in both Kiev and Moscow that Olaf Scholz recently “he flew everywhere except to Ukraine.”

“Now Olaf Scholz he probably wants to act together with the prime minister of Italy and the president of France† It’s a good idea to consider what has broken in the past?† You could send a strong signal to the Kremlin while speaking soberly about the what Ukraine can expect from the EU and the EU from Ukraine” – assesses the magazine.

He adds that Scholz “definitely” he waited too long with a trip “to Kiev.” Now he has a chance play a strong role” – he concludes.

log “Frankfurter Rundschau” from Hesse in central Germany believe that Olaf Scholz’s visit to Kiev should be a clear signalwhich would be the stronger? if they had accompanied it on this journey he is actually the president of france Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi.

“The Social Democrat (Scholz – editorial note) should meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky not only take a picturebut talk to him about it many specific things” – writes “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

According to the newspaper, the chancellor must… “finally clear up all points of disagreement” between him and Kiev, presenting the schedule when Germany, as announced, will provide weapons and what”† “In this way, Scholz can silence a tricky and insignificant debate about, for example, the number of Marder combat vehicles ready for delivery and to get rid of the accusation that it is brake” – writes “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

On the other hand “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” from Halle near Leipzig notes that several things fit in with the reports about Scholz’s planned visit to Kiev.

“First Marder . combat vehiclesurgently requested by Ukraine, seem fixed and ready to use† and Scholz he assured during his trip to the countries of the Western Balkans that he will also make an effort in the EU to fulfill their wishes with regard to admission to the Union† This could be crucial for countries like Austria they withdrew their objection on granting Ukraine candidate status at the EU summit in two weeks” – writes the news from Halle. If that happens, Scholz’s wait for a visit to Kiev will pay off.

“One thing certainly won’t happen: Scholz, Macron and Draghi’s journey will not end the war” – judges.

Also a newspaper “Südkurier” from Konstanz on Lake Constance writes that the joint journey of Scholz, Macron and Draghi to Kiev “may silence many critics of the Chancellor at home and abroad”because it removes not only doubts about solidarity with the attacked Ukraine, but also the fear of independent actions by Germany. The condition is that these three don’t come empty-handed” – assesses the newspaper.

“The hosts leave no doubt that they are hoping for this visit: Ukraine is still waiting for the weapons promised by Germany to this day. Also on the day of the refills, expectations regarding the EU perspective are growing. So far Scholz has avoided on both of these. He must define himself at the latest in Kiev’ – writes “Südkurier”.

Anna Widzyk / Polish editors of Deutsche Welle

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