The new capital of Egypt. Concrete monster that grew in the desert near Cairo

In 2015, the Egyptian authorities decided to build a new capital of the country. The current, Cairoturns out to be too crowded, polluted and noisy to do its part. Moreover, in the era of dynamic population growth in Egypt, the construction of a new metropolis seems to be the best solution to the problem of overpopulation in the country.

So where do you build a new capital? If we look at the map of Egypt, we will see that it is largely a desert country. The only piece of greenery is the valley and the delta of the Nile, in which almost the entire population of the Arab Republic lives.

It is not known what the authorities did in 2015, but Egypt’s youngest metropolis is being built in the middle of the desert, 45 kilometers from Cairo. It is part of a larger investment project Egypt Vision 2030

The metropolis is to be inhabited by as many as 6.5 million people. It’s not much when you consider that 21 million people live in the Greater Cairo region. On an area of ​​700 square kilometers there will be 25 service districts and 21 residential areas.

Egyptian energy plan to create a metropolis “smart city”which will be full of modern technological solutions. So far, the investment is still under construction and the name of the future capital is still unknown.

“New Administrative Capital” (US) is the current name of the city under construction.

Build From the new administrative capital still going on. Though it was supposed to be completed in 2021, the coronavirus pandemic thwarted the builders’ plans. However, it is believed that most of the investment has already been completed. There will likely be a grand opening of the US in a year or two.

If we look at the satellite photos, we will notice that the design of the city is really impressive and that the whole makes a monumental impression. Some parts of the NAS are already finished and are slowly starting to fulfill their function.

The Coptic is open since 2019 Cathedral of the Nativity and a huge mosque Al-Fattah Al-Alimwhich is the largest of its kind in Egypt. The skyscraper is also almost ready Iconic Towerthat will be the tallest building in Africa.

Although the city is located in the desert, a 35-kilometer-long park with an artificially created riverbed runs through the center. The complex must refer to the Nile Valley and the importance of this river in the culture and history of Egypt.

According to the intentions of the makers, the NAS should be visited by no less than 2 million tourists every year. It’s an ambitious assumption, but will it come true? But resorts that are tempting with warm water may prove more popular. The new capital is sure to attract fans of alternative tourism.

Judging by popularity Nursultan – the new, futuristic capital of Kazakhstan – fans of monstrous, unreal architecture will also come to the US, which is more of a plastic proof of the greatness of the country than an example of ecology, sustainable development and respect for Mother Nature. Impatient enthusiasts of this type of tourism should have a little more patience to see the full effect.

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