Summer in the city. In Lublin also for small Ukrainians

City summer in Lublin lasts from June 25 to the end of August. The registration has just started – for both Polish and Ukrainian children. In the case of little Ukrainians, you need to call a special phone number: +48 451 192 442. These are records in Ukrainian.

Additional space at events related to holiday attractions in Lublin is possible thanks to the support of the city, but also of the Polish Forum of International Aid and the humanitarian organization CARE International. There is a whole list of attractions and offers, including day camps, sports classes or, for example, art classes.

As Ina Kasprowicz, who registers for classes, tells us, several dozen Ukrainian families have already signed up. Mainly for sports, but also for cultural activities. These are children incl. from Chersoń, Mariupol, Donetsk, Lviv or Równe. – This is a great support for Ukrainian families – emphasizes Kasprowicz, who also ended up in Lublin in the face of the war.

Summer in the city – Lublin – logo Photo Lublin Town Hall

Some Ukrainian mothers work and would not be able to care for their children during the summer holidays. – I’m enrolling my son at the pool and maybe he can take soccer lessons. I don’t want him to be home alone when I’m working – says Mrs. Olha from Kiev. – These attractions are important for our children. Having fun and walking together promote mutual understanding and getting to know each other. I am very happy with it and thank you very much – adds our interlocutor.

The offer includes Seminars related to sports dance, football or wakeboard lessons. On the other hand, the AZS UMCS University Club invites you for a basketball vacation and the Lublin Canoe Society FALA for the summer in a kayak.

There are also day camps in community centers. Youth Culture Center “Pod Akacją” in ul. Chrobrego offers art, music and dance workshops, outdoor activities, walks and field games. A Kot³ownia climbing club – in collaboration with the climbing center – invites children and teenagers aged 8-15 years for five-day climbing lessons.

– We had a previously prepared offer of activities in the context of the Summer in the City campaign. Thanks to additional funds, we have managed to prepare additional places for children from Ukraine – says Anna Pajdosz, deputy director of the Culture Department of the City Hall in Lublin. She adds that during the lessons – including in the field of communication – children will help ladies who have been working in schools for several weeks. They are teachers from Ukraine who will find a job during the Summer in the city campaign during the summer holidays. – If it turns out that some classes need additional interpreters, we will provide them – adds Anna Pajdosz.

Lessons at an animal shelter

The shelter for homeless animals also has a proposal for a holiday. Educational classes for children, animal stories and tours of the shelter are planned. Meetings are scheduled from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and are for children ages 10 and up.

Lublin’s libraries have prepared a rich offer, including culture and English language lessons for children and teenagers, educational and art workshops, literary workshops and robotics training. Branch no. 8 of the Municipal Public Library invites you to the detective workshops “Na tropie”, and branch no. 41 to the Dragon Island.

In the context of Summer in the City, children can also benefit from, for example, workshops on making bags with a plant motif or making plant compositions. Also it will be possible to make a drinking bowl for insects. Fairytale holidays are also organized at the Baika cinema, including film screenings with dubbing in Ukrainian. Children can also take advantage of the many sports facilities, including swimming pools. In addition, the Lublin Mountain Cycling Club suggests learning proper riding technique and safe movement on the BMX Racing and Pumptrack tracks. In turn, the Student Sports Club “¯egluj” invites you to sailing workshops. All detailed information – including registration information – is available HERE in both Polish and Ukrainian.

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