How to travel with a baby – golden advice to minimize stress

You don’t have to plunge into the deep water right away. If we are not experienced travelers ourselves, but tourists, we can start with shorter and shorter trips with the child. This allows us to find out how the toddler feels in a strange environment and especially how we deal with these kinds of trips in a larger group.

Mode of transport:

Air travel is terrifying for many parents. No wonder if our child doesn’t survive the flight, there’s not much we can do. At the same time, it is difficult to distance yourself from other passengers who do not necessarily look at us with kind eyes.

But don’t panic, as many children do very well when they travel by plane. It’s worth making sure your toddler eats, drinks, or sucks something during takeoff and landing. Swallowing helps regulate pressure and avoids unpleasant sensations in the ears. It is also worth bringing toys on board to keep the child entertained and distract him from any discomfort.

The easiest mode of transport seems to be the car, and to a large extent it is. We are not restricted by baggage limits and we adapt the whole trip to ourselves. This is the case, for example, with the stops we can make if the child becomes grumpy, irritable, or needs different clothing or food. To distract a toddler, here you also need toys with which one of the parents holds the child.

An intermediate option is the bus or train. It is true that such a trip is logistically demanding, because we cannot take too much luggage with us, but we can focus all our attention on the child.

It is also a good idea to make sure that regardless of the mode of transport chosen, the child does not get enough sleep before the journey. Then the chances of him sleeping for most of the journey are greatly increased, allowing adults to breathe.

A good plan and organization are the basis for a successful trip

In order to make the trip enjoyable for the whole family, it is worth making some assumptions beforehand, which will save us stress during the trip. So it is good to book an overnight stay with breakfast. While when we leave without a child it is possible to jump out of bed in the morning and quickly find a restaurant where we eat a meal, with a toddler it can easily go wrong. In order not to feel spoiled for the rest of the day, it is better to have a reserved breakfast ready for you in the morning, near your accommodation.

Traveling with children can also be complicated because you have to take a lot more things with you. That is why it pays to plan the entire journey smartly, including in terms of luggage. For example, instead of taking a bath, we can choose a place to stay with a bath and bathe in it together with the toddler. In the case of clothes, we can plan the outgoing wardrobe so that dressing the child during the holidays becomes easier.

It will be easier during the trip if all the clothes can be put together. In this way we save the time we normally spend on creating styling. Sometimes it is necessary to change the child’s clothes in uncomfortable circumstances, for example during a stop on the way, and this makes the clothes easy to change – advises Paulina Żaczyk, Marketing Manager of Coccodrillo. † Choose clothes with practical snaps and snaps that make them easier to put on and take off. A side-mounted envelope is also a good solution. This solution means we don’t have to overlook it, so a good choice for the youngest toddlers who don’t know how to lift it yet – he adds.

We also eat for the toddler in the luggage, unless of course we don’t breastfeed him. Tightly closed jars or instant porridges are perfect for kids who are expanding their diet. If necessary it is easy to heat them, we can also ask for it in a restaurant.

Change expectations

Before we became parents, we must have become accustomed to the convenience of traveling alone or alone in the adult circle. Traveling with a child can therefore be very frustrating for us, as we have to adapt to a small creature who does little to our plans.

But as long as we expect everything to stay as it was, it will be difficult for us to enjoy the new experience. When traveling with a child, we are forced to slow down and tune in to the toddler. We won’t necessarily visit as much as we’d like, sometimes we’ll have to change our plans, but this way we can slow down and really stay where we are.

Sometimes it is also worth getting a divorce. If we want to visit a certain museum or other place where it won’t be possible or comfortable with a toddler, we can leave him or her in the care of a partner, and the next time we take care of ourselves, when the other person wants to experience activities they care about. † Group travel with other parents can also work. Then we can alternately babysit the children, while the rest enjoy their rest.

While traveling with children is undoubtedly more difficult and organizationally demanding than traveling with adults alone, they can be equally satisfying. We should also remember that by accustoming a toddler to such trips from an early age, we can make each subsequent trip more and more enjoyable for him.

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