The alternative project Hololive releases a second anime trailer, the concept film Holo-Earth

Cover Corporation has unveiled the second promotional video of the new English-language anime holol alternative metaverse project as well as new project details Holwareth play during live broadcast”Holwareth TV “Especially on Saturdays.

Below is the company’s first concept video. Holwaretha game set in the world holol alternative† VTubers (virtual) youtube Entertainment) by Cover’s Hololive Production, and fans can experience a new virtual world Holol alternative

Special Saturday display of the main art designs and female avatar concept in the game Effects‘s Masaru SakamotoSSSS.GridmanAND diazinon† He also looked at the design of the user interface.

The second trailer for the anime features the title song “Story Time” written by flower star (Hoshimachi Switzerland, AZKicMoona Hoshinova, Irys).

Takahiro Okawa He directed and storyboarded for the new trailer. Yuki YamadaFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) from the first teaser as the main animation director, and is also one of the side-by-side animation directors. Toshiya Kono And Risa Miatani. Other notable animations include: Takahito SakazumiAND Shun Inukido (First Director Teaser), Joe Suzuki, Toru Iwazawa, Yomosaka, KeroriraAND to ainAND Yudai NaganoYohei Yaegashi Kai ShibataAND Kaito TomiokaAND Mizuki TakahashiAND What is Sugita?AND Takahiro OkawaAND Yuki YamadaAND Toshiya Kono

to ain AND snowdrop‘s oh yo yoAnd Satomi Tori and Kenta Tsujimoto this is the second main animation. Gogo Aoi works well between and Natsuko HaranoAND oh yo yoAND Sota WatanabeAND Aika MatsumotoAND Akari MakuraAND Kenta TsujimotoHikaru Sasaki and Yoshihiro Miyauchi Assigned to full screen animation in snowdrop AND OLM Asia

Dear Stella‘s Naomi Nakanoand Yui Ito i Nagisa Abe They are responsible for the colors and color coordination. Dear StellaKaho Endo (Sword Art Online: Alice) and Yui Ito is a coloring game for checkers. Dear Stella‘s Yuki KadomatsuAND Asami IguchiKeto Kikuchi Tomoe EyeAND Array of rays Thanks for coloring with OLM Asia

Easter Studio‘s Kurumi SuzukiYoko Koyoma Tetsuya UsamiAND Kaori HoshibaAND Daiichi AsakuraAND Satoshi MakiokaAnd Manabe Akiko and Jane Sakuma They are responsible for the backgrounds. Tomoyuki Arima It is attributed to two-dimensional works. Daisuke Chiba These are the composition directors who also dealt with 3D backgrounds and visuals. Cover Corporation edited and produced the trailer.

The project will create an “alternative world” with the participation of Hololive girls. The agency is looking for content creators interested in joining the project, creators can apply on the website.

holol alternative He also has a Twitter manga based on an original story set in the project’s universe. Kosuke Kurosepuck killer (manga) Draw Holoearth Chronicles Side: E Yamato Kasо̄ Kaiitan (Holoearth Chronicles: E Yamato Phantasia website) manga.

Hololive CEO Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo announced in January 2021 that the company is hiring employees for a new online service that includes mass performers and the fan community. Tanigo wrote that hololive was considering turning this service into a “metaverse” where mass performers could perform in both live events and online games. The idea was to create a website where ‘everyone can live online as a two-dimensional figure’. We also hope that it will alleviate the language and communication difficulties among the many fans who live around the world.

Tanigo’s post also explained that hololive initially started out as a streaming service in 2017, though it transitioned to a face-capturing service in April 2018 to better meet the needs of the time. However, after expanding the Hololive talent list, the company felt it could take on new challenges that would strengthen the brand.

The Cover Corporation was founded in 2016 and the first generation of mass artists made their debut in 2018. Currently, more than 50 virtual YouTube users are associated with hololive. Run talents with complex 2D and 3D company avatars. Cover Corporation launched Inclusive Indonesia – a subgroup targeting the Indonesian audience – in April 2020, followed by Inclusive English in September 2020. Men’s holostars first introduced their first-generation talent in June 2019. According to Hololive Production’s English website, approximately 50 million fans on its channels.

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