Tourist guides about high prices. “For such a price I wouldn’t go out on the street”

  • This year’s holiday will certainly not be the cheapest. Almost the entire tourism industry has decided to raise the prices of goods and services
  • – Before the pandemic, prices were lower. I took orders for up to PLN 400 per day. Now I am not accepting offers for guided school trips under PLN 500-600 for 6 hours. – the guide explains those tours around Toruń. shows
  • The Tri-City guide points out that interest fell sharply after the pandemic. – For example – we have at the end of May, I issued account No. 15. Before the pandemic, I had account No. 15 in March – he explains
  • In turn, the tour operator who works with guides on a daily basis reveals that the main problem is not the rise in prices, but the lack of people to work, who have changed professions during the pandemic and have not returned to the tourism industry .
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Galloping inflation has made life more expensive for everyone. The prices of food, goods and services have risen. The holiday season is approaching, so we are seeing a rise in prices in travel agencies and restaurants (especially in tourist destinations). Tourist guides also raised prices.

“What is a little more than PLN 200 per hand today?”

City and mountain guides agree on one thing: prices have gone up. The main reason is, of course, inflation. Industry employees, comparing pre-pandemic rates with this year’s season, notice a significant difference.

A guide who leads the groups in German in the Tri-City notices a sharp rise in the prices of guide services on the market.

– reveals and adds that the prices of services are currently mainly influenced by where the order comes from.

– If the order comes “right from the source”, ie a German group, a German travel agency, or an organization that is looking for a guide itself, you can count on a fairly attractive rate of EUR 150-200 (PLN 700-900) per day. However, if the order comes from an intermediary (German offices cooperate with Polish offices, which “arrange” the guides) – then you can count on some 450 PLN gross per day. The office is known to have to earn as well, hence the difference in the rate. In the case of offices, the bargaining opportunity is small. It is known that there are many guides, fewer orders – he explains.

Do tourist guide services exceed the tourist budget? – I haven’t encountered a typical complaint about pricing, perhaps because we interact with customers by email. Sometimes I have the impression that it is too expensive for them, because they write that “thank you, but they have already found another guide” – explains.

A guide who shows school trips around Toruń is of the same opinion. – Before the pandemic, prices were lower. I took orders for up to PLN 400 per day. Now I do not accept orders for guided school trips under PLN 500-600 for 6 hours. – he admits.

A mountain guide operating in the Pieniny Mountains also admits that rates have increased compared to the pre-pandemic seasons.

– As for the current prices among mountain guides, it all depends on the difficulty of the route and where we go to the mountains. For example, abroad will be more expensive and the inland will be cheaper, but a whole day to the mountains will also be more expensive than road trips. 450 PLN is the minimum for a mountain guide for short trips. Typically mountain PLN 550-600 up depending on the route – explains the mountain guide.

– Of course there will always be someone who will go for less (legally I don’t know, I don’t research). Unfortunately with current inflation, these rates will soon be seen as ridiculously low if they aren’t already, but this is already being affected by the true value of money. Two years ago it was possible to buy more than now, with lower costs for the maintenance of the company … The only way to lower prices is to reduce the Social Insurance Institution by more than 75%. What I consider unrealistic… – he adds.

Prices are not the biggest problem?

A tourist tour operator that works with guides on a daily basis is also noticing an increase in service prices.

Prices rose by about 20-30 percent. compared to the time before the pandemic. Museum guides charge PLN 80-150 per hour, depending on the number of people in the group and the museum. City guides average PLN 350 to 2 hours, 450 to 5 hours. Full day mountain guides, around PLN 600 in the low mountains, around PLN 600 in the Tatra Valleys, around PLN 700-800 in the highest parts of the mountains. In National Parks 80-150 per hour These are gross prices in Polish. In a foreign language, about PLN 50 per hour more. As for abroad, prices have not changed much – about 50-100 euros per hour. in cities, so you can bring around 80 euros† School trips cost on average about PLN 50 per day.

The organizer admits that fares are not the biggest problem. – As for guides, this: the main problem is the lack of people to work. A lot of guides and a lot of pilots just changed their way. And they never returned to the profession. The season started late, he explains.

‘Interest has fallen considerably’

As both mountain and city tour pilots point out, after the pandemic, interest in guide services declined significantly.

– explains the pilot who guides the groups in German around the Tri-City.

– In times of a pandemic, due to the lack of customers, I decided to do something different. Many of my colleagues did not return to the profession. This work is also a passion for me, so I decided to continue, but I have to admit you worked for lower wages in the past but there were more clients and those were definitely better times – admits the leader of school trips in Toruń.

Many Tri-City pilots have also resigned from working in the industry. – After the pandemic, I noticed that many people had disappeared from the market. I don’t see them “in town”. I have the impression that they are looking for a permanent job. Too bad, because many of them were enthusiasts, I have “always” known them. They found another job, in education, in some projects … They saw how uncertain work in tourism is in the current reality – explains the guide.

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