The new BUT collection for spring-summer 2022: “At sunrise on the beach”. Among the inspirations, the waves glistening in the sun, the works of Kandinsky and Miró, projects of the legendary ORNO cooperative

The Polish brand regularly provides us with aesthetic delights. Last season she spoiled the taste buds with a story about food and this time she is developing marine themes. Blue accents have always been present in BUT collections in the form of natural stone. Today they stand out. Surrounded by vibrant roses and sunny oranges from the paintings of the Impressionists.

BUT jewelry: spring-summer 2022 collection

Don’t get us wrong. We still think that the phenomenal “Sky cream ring silver” and the sophisticated “Oranges Plate necklace” will never be worn. Is it even possible? However, one look at the new BUT campaign was enough to update our most wanted jewelry list. The spring-summer 2022 collection “At sunrise on the beach” is full of hits that we will all dream of. What is its uniqueness? The answer is clear contrasts, different shapes and patterns that reflect the richness of the underwater world – perfect for holiday trips to Hel.

It is a collection that combines day and night. When designing, I thought of a girl who changes airy romantic dresses in the evening into oversized Ramones, paints her eyes and is not afraid to stand out”- that’s how Agata Wojtczak, co-founder of MAAR describes the collection. Together with Antoni Bielawski, she created one of the most interesting brands in the Polish jewelry scene. The creative duo makes prototypes of jewelry themselves† The creative process uses the lost wax method, granulation and … 3D technology. The combination of craft traditions and unlimited imagination allows you to obtain original shapes that cannot be ignored.

“At sunrise on the beach” subtle pendants, solid silver circles and bubble earrings meet† The colors reflect the radiance of the rising sun and the color palette seen on the canvases of the masters of Impressionism. In the designs, cool topaz is harmoniously interwoven with energetic pink and orange. We were immediately enamored with pinky rings, long medallions and anklets that debuted in the brand’s range. The latter is sure to please fans of Y2K aesthetics. Our hearts were also stolen by the “After Midnight” ring with a wispy pink topaz. Nevertheless, earrings are one of the strongest elements of the collection. Models that spin in the wind and with balls that reflect the moonlight have already arrived at the store.

We have used the piercing motif again – this time the earrings are decorated not only with baroque pearls, but also with circles in XXL format.

There were also offers with natural stone. We have a choice of fine sticks in a blue shade and longer earrings consisting of two stones. The model “Sex on the Beach”, referring to the iconic cocktail, combines blue topaz and juicy orange carnelian† On the other hand, “See the ocean earrings” is a jewel interpretation of the water shimmering in the light. The main roles were played by topaz and a drop-shaped quartz.

We wanted to combine two shades of blue – this play of shades makes the earrings we call ‘See the ocean earrings’ sparkle like water rippling in the sun.

Each element of the collection reveals a fascination with nature and art. Not only those born in Montmartre in Paris, but also during the time of the Polish People’s Republic. Agata Wojtczak and Antoni Bielawski reached the archives of Polish jewelry art, where projects of the ORNO cooperative from Warsaw were waiting for them. The plasticity of the post-war manufacturing works inspired the creation of a minimalist “Fog bracelet”. In addition to the regular collection, this one also has a premiere premium line of 14 karat gold† The opal ring, abstract necklace and earrings refer to the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miró.

In the gallery you can see beautiful photos for the campaign “About sunrise on the beach”. Miłka Świtalska is responsible for the photos. Zuzanna Mazurek stood in front of the camera. We can’t see properly!

Photos: Miłka Switalska
Model: Zuzanna Mazurek
Makeup and Hair: Kamila Jankowska
Styling and set design: Agata Wojtczak
Video: Alexander Rizov

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