“Not for high-speed trains through our homes.” Krasnystaw residents protest – Polish Radio Lublin

The inhabitants of Krasnystaw and the surrounding area protest against the designated route for the future railway line Trawniki – Krasnystaw and Wólka Orłowska – Zamość – Tomaszów Lubelski – Bełżec.

The investment is part of a larger program: the construction of the Central Communication Port. According to the residents, all planned variants of the railway are “breaking” their plots, houses and access roads.

– These variants interfere with our houses, building plots and workplaces that the owners will have to close. This applies to the company from Małochwieja, because the passage in this city has to be liquidated. The Tuligłów lagoon needs to be filled to 6%, says Mariusz Wrona, chairman of the protest committee.

Public consultations were organized as part of the planned investment. There were 17 meetings in municipalities, which have to go through the variants proposed at this stage. These include the municipalities of Łopiennik Górny and Krasnystaw and the cities of Izbica and Krasnystaw.

– We are after the second phase of social consultation. In May, a total of 17 meetings with residents took place. There are four variants of the possible course of the track. Depending on the variant, the route is 96 to 103 kilometers long. It can be seen exactly on a digital mapwith the possibility of placing them on plots and existing buildings – says expert from the Communications and Marketing Bureau of the Central Communications Port, Konrad Majszyk.

Most residents at the meetings spoke out against the investment because it was related to expropriation. Local authorities met the expectations of the inhabitants and offered them the least taxing routes.

This applies to the municipality of Krasnystaw, among others. The mayor Edyta Gajowiak-Powroźnik supports the voice of the inhabitants, which is why the municipality developed its variant of the route. – We believe that this is the most suitable option for the Trawniki-Krasnystaw section. It passes through low-grade land, avoids built-up areas, does not collide with residential buildings and special farms, does not destroy high-quality arable land – says Edyta Gajowiak-Powroźnik.

The protesters’ allegations include inappropriate conduct of public consultations. The owners of many lots have not yet been informed about the planned investment, as well as about the consultation itself.

– Access from my property will be difficult. Now I drive 3 minutes from my hometown and cover 3 kilometers per day. When the line is there, however, I travel 15 minutes and cover 5 kilometers more per day. I don’t agree with this. The more that it interferes with the natural environment, with the atmosphere of the city – says one of the protesters.

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– I’m much worse off because all four variants run through my house. He says there is no choice, adds another.

– We plan to present an investor variant in the fourth quarter of 2022. That is, of the four considered, we will indicate one that is preferred by the company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, which we will present in the application for an environmental decision. We will apply for it in early 2023 – informs Konrad Majszyk.

– Residents can protest. This is their sacred law. Although it is more effective to put forward your opinion and suggestions in consultation. And I encourage you to do that – adds Konrad Majszyk.

The central communication port is to become a great hub, located between Łódź and Warsaw. The central element will be a huge airport to which railway lines from different regions of Poland will lead. The program provides for the construction of a total of almost 2,000 km of new lines; a total of 12 railway lines

The construction is controversial. Protest against, among other things, the projects residents of municipalities where new investments are being built.

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