It should be the largest park in Warsaw. The biggest scandal so far

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Environmentalists are sounding the alarm – this investment is not a good idea. It is about creating the Golędzinów Natural Park in Praga Północ. It is a Natura 2000 area that, according to opponents of the town hall idea, could be done much better without human intervention.

Opening of the Silesian Planetarium – Science Park

Park instead of wild terrain

The Golędzinów Natural Park is being built in Praga-Północ in the area that stretches for almost three kilometers along the Vistula riverbed – between the Gdański Bridge and the Grota-Roweckiego Bridge – and covers an area of ​​about 65 hectares. It is bounded on the east by a flood dike and on the western edge by a steep slope of the Vistula. The entrance to the park is planned at the level of the Kamień Educational Pavilion.

The information about the construction of a new park came like a bolt from the blue to the residents. President Trzaskowski announced his decision on Thursday. The next day, officials cooled the mood.

– The creation of a nature park in this area means the will to protect the natural nature of the Vistula. Golędzinów is a region in the shallow riverbed of the Vistula, which offers favorable living conditions and for us to observe many water birds. This is a Natura 2000 site, as well as the Warsaw Landscape Protected Area – says Monika Beuth-Lutyk from the town hall.

Later this year, the city will announce an architectural competition to select a contractor for the design documentation. Then, after getting all the arrangements, construction work will begin. Their scope will include: construction of small architectural elements and marking of paths and passageways in the park.

2 million PLN in funding from the local government of Mazovia – for which the city will allocate the money …

Environmentalists: This is not a good idea

After the city hall plans were published, the network went wild. Why make a park in a place full of greenery – many people wonder this in the comments under President Trzaskowski’s post.

– There’s nothing to brag about – commentary Krzysztof Cibor of Greenpeace Polska. – It is not a question of whether it is a Natura 2000 site or not. This is a place where there are fewer and fewer in Warsaw and its surroundings, where the wild nature just functions. Where birds and small mammals live, there is a lot of nature on the Vistula for which this Natura 2000 area has been established. If we have something like this near the city center, we need to make sure that nature can reign there.

In a statement to journalists, city officials indicated that elements of small architecture will be created on the site, paths and passages will be marked in the park. There are still guarantees that it will not be violent interference.

– We are thinking here rather of wooden platforms that make it possible to admire the rare species of plants and birds that are here – says Monika Beuth-Lutyk.

– President Trzaskowski’s project for this natural park should be “let’s not move anything else. Let it remain as it is” – Krzysztof Cibor decides. – Any interference will spend money that could spoil what we already have there. Let’s not turn this place into a new investment, which will look beautiful in folders, and become poorer as the life unfolds there.

Praga Północ councilor Grzegorz Walkiewicz, who has launched an internet petition against this idea, is also against the park’s construction.

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