Holiday in 2022. By car or plane to Croatia? We checked it

  • The cost of a trip of a family of four from Warsaw to Zagreb and back is about 1,3 thousand PLN. zloty. Added to this are the costs of highway vignettes. With a 7 day holiday it is about PLN 255
  • The cheapest tickets for a flight from Warsaw to Zagreb and back cost about PLN 800 per person. For a family of four it will cost about PLN 3.2 thousand. zloty. With such a choice on site, however, we are dependent on public transport or car rental
  • The aircraft wins in the trip length category. The shortest flight from Warsaw takes about two hours. Driving without a break and extra adventures takes six times longer
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Many people wonder and accurately calculate the cost of traveling with their own car from Poland to the most popular tourist countries Croatia, Bulgaria or Italy. The biggest problem is rising fuel prices. The most popular gasoline, PB 95, is approaching the limit of 8 PLN per liter and PB 98 has already exceeded it. That’s why we made a cost comparison for a family of four, including luggage, car and plane from Warsaw to Zagreb.

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By car to Croatia – costs

As Google Maps shows, we cover the route from Warsaw to Zagreb by car in less than 12 hours. The shortest, more than 1000 km long route runs through the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Let’s assume that the vehicle in which our model family drives consumes 8 liters for every 100 km on the road and we round the price of gasoline to PLN 8. In total it gives about PLN 640 plus twice as much for the efficiency. Add to this the cost of tolls on motorways.

Motorway vignette prices

The amount of such compensation at our southern neighbors is approximately PLN 200 in the case of a vignette that is valid for one month. We pay about PLN 140 for a 10-day trip. The situation is similar in Austria, where a two-month motorway vignette costs almost 130 PLN and the equivalent for 10 days about 44 PLN. So if we only travel through Austria, it is cheaper to buy two 10-day vignettes. Vignettes in Slovenia cost respectively PLN 69 for a weekly vignette and more than PLN 137 for a vignette valid for one month.

By plane to Croatia – costs

Replacing a car with an airplane has its pros and cons. Time is definitely a plus. Flight from Warsaw to Zagreb less than two hours. When flying by plane, we avoid costs related to, among other things: when purchasing highway vignettes.

When traveling by plane, the price of tickets can be the main barrier. Currently, the cheapest of them costs about PLN 800 in both directions. With a family of four, the costs rise to approximately 3.2 thousand. zloty.

When flying low-cost airlines, we rely on erratic public transport or on-site car rental, which incurs additional costs. Flying with low cost airlines also limits the size and weight of luggage. The car simply offers space for more suitcases and bags.

But in the end, the way we decide to travel to Croatia depends mainly on the wealth of the wallet, the number and age of the holidaymakers and the expectations on the spot.

Tomasz Gdaniec, journalist from Onet

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