Berger Apartments – a unique project in Wilda

Bergera Apartments is a unique investment that combines what we love most in the city – dynamism, availability of infrastructure and public space. Its prestigious character and diverse spaces position the project as an excellent form of capital investment and a source of additional income.

The intention of the developer, the development company EBF, is to create a place that will become synonymous with comfort, modernity and safety for every resident. The building’s original and expressive form with surprising architectural solutions will perfectly complement the space of Bergera Street while maintaining consistency with the nature of Wildeck’s development.

EBF Development is a developer that has been active in the housing market for more than 30 years. He conducts developer activities in Zielona Góra and Poznań. In the capital of Greater Poland, the company owned the Żurawie Stawy estate on Jasna Rola Street, the Zlote Ogrody estate on Mateckiego Street and residential buildings on Piątkowska Street. The best-known investment is the systematically expanded Reduta Nowe Podolany estate, which is being built in the northwest of the city. So far, EBF Development has delivered 9 multi-family homes there, and more is planned. On the other hand, the latest project in Pozna is the Bergera Apartments project. It is a 7-storey building consisting of 2 segments. There will be 134 apartments and apartments varying in size from 33 to 131 square meters. For example, studios as well as -2, -3, -4 and -5 room apartments will become available. The optimal and functional layout of the rooms ensures a free layout and finish according to personal preferences. The apartments on the ground floor are complemented by gardens, and the rest – balconies or loggias. The proposed property is complemented by spacious terraces with an area of ​​up to 126 square meters, characteristic of the architecture of the project. There will also be large panoramic glazing that will provide perfect illumination of the interior. Two garages with 155 parking spaces will be built under the building, supplemented by an above-ground parking lot with 5 places, 3 of which are for people with disabilities. Residents will also have access to quiet elevators and storage areas. Construction of the investment is already underway. Prices start from PLN 10,500 gross per square meter and construction completion is scheduled for December 2023.

The project will be carried out in Poznań, Wilda, on G. Bergera Street. Wilda is a district of Pozna, bustling with life, with an established history and tradition with a special, unique atmosphere. It is known for its popular market, full of fruit and vegetables, cozy cafes and restaurants, and frequent social initiatives. The location of the investment provides unrestricted access to numerous shops and retail and service points, cycle paths, education and health facilities, as well as sports and cultural facilities. Wilda is not only perfectly connected to the city center, but also to other districts of Pozna. Public transport allows you to reach almost every corner of the city and the proximity to the train station makes it possible to travel further afield.

In the situation of low-interest bank deposits and the drastically increasing inflation, the purchase of properties in the context of the Bergera Apartments project is an ideal solution that allows you to keep the value of your money and also to obtain a satisfactory monthly income.

30 years of experience from EBF Development is invaluable. The ability to adapt to changing realities provides an appropriate approach to customer needs and expectations. The developer is able to adapt its offer to different market requirements and to fully realize his dreams of an ideal M. The company’s philosophy is a good cooperation and relationship with the customer, not only during the purchase process, but also after its completion. Timely execution, high quality of the buildings and a lot of attention to the layout of the common areas are just some of the strong points of the company. It is worth adding that over the many years that it has been in business, EBF Development has received many awards and accolades: Business Cheetahs, Lubuski Mister Budowy or Forbes Diamonds.

EBF development
ul. Piątkowska 118, 60-648 Poznan
tel. 669 494 979
e-mail [email protected],_ul_gothilfa_bergera

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