A cultural guide for summer 2022: Borden

Lizzo “Special” (Photo: Press material)

BTS anthology, Dawid Podsiadło’s long-awaited album and Lizzo’s great return. What are we going to listen to this summer? The best news can be found in our cultural guide.

Harry Styles “Harry’s House”: The Essence of Summer

Although Harry Styles’ third album was released at the end of May, it is one of the most holiday albums of recent years. “Harry’s House” has 13 songs ranging from romantic ballads like “Little Freak” to guaranteed hits including “Late Night Talking”. After a rock escapade, the performer returns to pop climes, this time twisted by Fr. new wave† The combination of charming in its simplicity, very personal lyrics with a catchy melody ensures that “Harry’s House”, like holiday memories, will stay with us long after the summer is over.

BTS “Proof”: Past, Present and Future

The biggest boy band of the decade returns with a new album. On June 10, on the ninth anniversary of the k-pop band’s debut, “Proof” will be released. The anthology should be a summary of BTS’s achievements to date. On three albums we hear not only their biggest hits, but also new versions of well-known songs, demos and previously unpublished songs. The premiere of “Proof” marks a new chapter in the band’s history: “Now is a good time to look at the past and present, to be able to step into the future,” they puzzlingly announce.

Nick Cave “Seven Psalms”: Meditations

Nick Cave spent the following lockdowns in his home studio. The fruit of these experiments is the spoken album “Seven Psalms”, made in collaboration with longtime friend Warren Ellis. The album contains the title seven psalms (one for each day of the week):- It is one long meditation and each psalm must correspond to different states – from faith, through love and sex, to anger and mourning. – said the artist. The spoken part is completed by a 12-minute instrumental piece. The album’s premiere, due out on June 17, is overshadowed by the personal tragedy of the musician who recently parted ways with his second son, Jethro.

Lizzo “Special”: A great comeback

The wait is over. Three years after the premiere of the bestseller “Cuz I Love You”, Lizzo returns with new music. † Only “About damn time“Can be read in many different waysaboutw – it’s about time I feel better, make fat girls love each other, dance together again – she said in conversation with Zan Low. Which dance hits has she prepared for us this time? Or maybe we get to know another face of the artist?

Jack White “Entering Heaven Alive”: Top Gear

I’m a workaholic, I can’t rest Jack White says honestly. The artist’s rush to create meant that fans of the music had not one, but two albums this year. The first, “Fear of the Dawn”, was released in early April and on July 22 we will hear another, “Entering Heaven Alive”. White emphasizes that it was no challenge for him. In the years that followed, the lockdowns left enough time (because of the lack of classes, he even started making furniture and setting up a profile on Instagram) to create material for five albums. “Entering Heaven Alive” will be the artist’s “most cinematic” album – he took inspiration from his favorite movies from the 70s and 80s and set them up with rock sounds.

King Princess “Hold on Baby”: Rainbow Stories

When her debut album King Princess was released in 2019, critics immediately praised her as a rising star of the next generation, and fans – a rainbow icon. As an out-of-the-box lesbian and non-binary person, the artist likes to sing about queer love, selfishness and freedom of expression. While he realizes that reality is far from ideal, he wants to focus on the positive message. Especially since she herself is happily in love with artist Quinn Wilson. That’s why “Hold on Baby” (premiered on July 29) certainly won’t run out of romantic songs.

Maggie Rogers “Surrender”: The Magic of the Place

If you don’t know Maggie Rogers yet, it’s time to catch up. Her debut album “Heard It in a Past Life” earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Debut. On July 29, the artist will present her second album, which has already acquired cult status before the premiere. And this is because of the place where it was recorded. Rogers worked on “Surrender” at Jimi Hendrix’s own cult studio Electric Lady Studios, frequented by David Bowie, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk. † I recorded the missing pieces in my parents garageaboutin – the artist laughs. The album is announced by the single “That’s Where I Am”, along with a music video featuring David Byrne.

Dawid Podsiadło: A New Chapter

One of the most popular artists of the young generation had to wait a long time – four years have passed since the “Little Town”. On the occasion of the premiere of a joint single with Sanah in April, Podsiadło confirmed that his new album will be released this year. According to recent reports, there is a chance of a holiday period. We secretly hope that the album will not run out of hits, which we will listen to on-loop until the end of the year.

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