Top 3 eyebrow styling trends for summer 2022

The facial expression depends on the shape of the eyebrows, so makeup can be a challenge. We took a look at which eyebrow styling trends are going to be a hit this summer. They are promoted by the Jenner sisters and the most famous star makeup artists, among others.

Some eyebrow styling trends we’d rather forget (like ruler’s redrawn and artificial-looking eyebrows), others we’d like to wear again and again. Riding the wave of nostalgic return to previous decades, however, we take a more favorable look at some of the hits of the era. And we check them ourselves. Which eyebrow styling trends appears in our makeup this summer?

Fashionable eyebrows for the summer: No-brows

Do you remember Kendall Jenner’s performance at this year’s MET Gala? She got special attention lifted eyebrows† However, this is not an invention of contemporary stylists, but a reference to the 90s trend, promoted at the time by stars such as Madonna. And while Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Kristen Stewart have raised eyebrows in the past decade, it was Kendall Jenner who revived this trend and went viral on TikTok.

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When planning eyebrow whitening, it is best to make an appointment with a beautician who will do it precisely and without risk of complications. However, if you prefer to do such treatments at home, you should get an eyebrow brightener. Have good reviews Blonde eyebrow Brand RefectoCil† The mixture of the paste with the oxidizer allows you to lighten even very dark eyebrows. What opinions about the product from Internet users? He raised his eyebrows nicely. Did its job. They look very natural and don’t stain me.” – Natka writes. “It didn’t damage my brows as I expected from lightening and damaging my hair.” – observes Monika.

You can also get the effect of raised eyebrows without permanent discoloration. A smart one comes to the rescue trick with TikTok. you only need equalizer the color of your skin eyebrow brushes and powder† Use the concealer to apply the concealer thoroughly into the hair and then fix it with powder. Voila! Brightened eyebrows without resorting to chemical preparations.

Fashionable eyebrows for the summer: ultra-thin

Another 90s trend we remember from one of the Jenner sisters is ultra thin eyebrows† This time makeup became a hit Kyliein which she appeared in the campaign of her brand’s new palette. Bella Hadid and Rihanna recently promoted this omitted trend. Although many of us have bad memories of the days of “plucked” bows, it must be admitted that such makeup has some advantages – a slightly raised eyebrow makes the skin look firmer and the look more open.

When styling thin eyebrows it is useful to be precise crayon and fixing gelwhich you should apply flat without brushing it up. It is an extremely accurate product #Bomb Brows Microshade Pencil from Huda Beauty† It has an ultra-thin retractable tip with a diameter of 0.9 mm, which allows you to draw precise, delicate lines. The formula also contains a nourishing blend vitamin E.castor oil and coconut oil, so that you also get a caring effect. When looking for the perfect eyebrow fixing gel, keep in mind: 24-hour eyebrow setter from Advantage Cosmetics† It is colorless and extremely durable, and the precise applicator catches even the tiniest hairs.

If you want to check if you will look like Claudia Schiffer in the 90s with thin eyebrows, and you don’t want to risk pulling hair out, you can use patent used by makeup artists and cosplayers† It is about cover the eyebrowsand then draw the desired shape with the chalk. To do this, nsmoothing hair with glue stickpreferably against the flow, then comb with a brush up, then cover them proofreader and record powder† Now just draw the desired shape with the chalk.

Fashionable eyebrows for the summer: Feathered brows

The opposite of ultra-thin eyebrows is thick feathered eyebrowswho have been with us for several seasons – and still do not want to be forgotten. Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, who is regularly painted by Kim Kardashian, among others, specializes in such makeup. The way of painting is important with this feather method. To start with brush the hair upwards† then with help shadow or pomades mark the lower contour and the upper brow bone. Take this brush and drawing thin lines imitating hair in exposed areas of the skin. Fix it all geland put under the brow bone Highlighter† And it’s done! This way you get expressive and natural eyebrows at the same time.

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