The train to Croatia is not going yet, and next year? We asked an expert

  • The train of the Czech carrier RegioJet from Poland to Croatia is due to start this summer
  • – The application was submitted last September. However, the permission itself does not mean that the transport will start immediately. On the one hand, RegioJet did not have the opportunity to apply for infrastructure access before it received it, on the other hand, it had very little time to prepare the service of the connection from Poland – explains Łukasz Malinowski , editor-in-chief of the website Rynek Kolejowy
  • – The mere information about the possibility of starting a connection and going to Croatia by train turned out to be exciting for Poland – admits Agnieszka Puszczewicz, director of the Croatian Tourist Association
  • Can we count on a merger in one year? Malinowski notes that the head of the company has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to expand his activities in the Polish market
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Recall that the RegioJet train from Poland to Croatia was due to start this summer, according to media reports from October 2021. This information pleased tourists who love the Adriatic and wanted to go this way.

Unfortunately, in March of this year, it was reported that the combination of wires. Why? As the editor-in-chief of the Rynek Kolejowy website Łukasz Malinowski recalled in an interview with Onet Podróże, early this year the chairman of the Bureau of Rail Transport has approved the granting of RegioJet open access for rail passenger transport on the route between mainland Krakow and Rijeka and Split.

– In the submitted application, RegioJet wrote about its willingness to operate from June this year to September 2026 – the route is only operated during the holiday period – he recalls.

Will the connection be launched in a year? “There is interest in Poland”

Malinowski notes that the head of the company, Radim Jancura, has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to expand his business in the Polish market, so the connection with Croatia is likely to be launched. – A good prognosis is the high level of passenger interest in a similar holiday train running from Prague – he adds.

The fact of interest in the connection is also confirmed by Agnieszka Puszczewicz, director of the Croatian Tourist Board. – RegioJet connections from the Czech Republic and later from Slovakia and Hungary enjoyed great popularity among the inhabitants of these countries. Croats provided the tourist offer in the form of interesting offers of accommodation, transfers and excursions on site. I am convinced that it will also be interesting for a certain group of Poles. The mere information about the possibility of starting a connection and going to Croatia by rail turned out to be exciting for Poland – he says.

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RegioJet in Europe and competition in Poland

After the failed attempt to enter Poland the Czech private airline, comments appeared that: this was not allowed by the competition: PKP Intercity and LOT Polish Airlines. Is there really no place for RegioJet in the Polish market?

– From the very beginning, as is the case in many European countries, RegioJet had to compete with the domestic operator that dominated the domestic market. The Czech Railways have finally come to terms with the presence of a competitor, and the stabilization of the situation in the domestic market allowed the search for new markets. Now RegioJet sees its development opportunities for overnight international calls – this is a market segment that has been neglected in Europe for years, and that makes it even more smaller companies have a chance to compete with large carriers. Apart from the Czech company, the Austrian railways have been the most active in our part of the continent in recent years – says Łukasz Malinowski.

The expert cites the results of a study commissioned by the Croatian Tourist Board TOMAS, which shows that more than 79 percent tourists used some form of road transport to reach the Adriatic† – The share of the railways was so small that it was not included in the statistics – he emphasizes.

– In the case of Poland, 71 percent decided to travel by car. travelers – the rest mainly opted for aviation. Here a major contribution to the expansion of the local loop network of both PLL LOT and low cost operators – say.

– Interestingly, 79 percent decided to travel by car. Czechs. Detailed research has not been done in recent years, but based on the available data, we can assume that last year about 40 thousand of the tourists (about 8% of all) traveled by train from the Czech Republic to Croatia. This is a good result for the short-term functioning of the connection, he notes.

As he concludes, in the case of Poland, we can also expect a lot of interest in the rail link.

Finally, he admits that, as in the Czech Republic, we can expect a lot of interest from students or groups of friends traveling together – here the very beginning of the trip will be a holiday attraction.

We asked a RegioJet representative for an opinion, but until the material was published, we got no answers.

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