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summer solstice 2022

The lunar calendar for the summer of 2022 – what awaits us in the coming months. The moon and its phases have a huge impact on our lives and well-being. From a scientific point of view, in certain phases of the moon, we can feel insomnia, distraction and all kinds of pain. Also from an astrological point of view, the moon and the cosmos directly influence our feelings. Some phases of the moon are better not to argue, while others are a good time to get married and conceive. In total we distinguish four stages of the lunar cycle, which are also important in astrology. Check out the lunar calendar for summer 2022 and see when Kupala Night is?

Moon calendar. What are the phases of the moon and when do they come in?

The phases of the moon are nothing but the illumination of the sun. In total, the lunar cycle lasts about 29.5 days. During this time it revolves around the Earth. Depending on its position and illumination by the sun, different phases are distinguished: the new moon when the moon is invisible, the first quarter when half of its disk is visible, the full moon when we see the entire moon and the third quarter when it slowly starts to fade.

According to astrology, it is worth setting new goals, entering into new relationships and planning for the future when we are dealing with a new age. The first quarter is primarily the time to make important decisions, including those of loved ones. Now is the perfect time for an engagement. The full moon is a time when our body does not feel well, during this period it is better not to start anything new and not to make important decisions. The third quarter of the moon is conducive to reflection and contemplation about life and death. In this phase of the moon, it is worth relaxing and focusing on yourself.

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Moon phases for summer 2022

June 2022

first quarter – June 7 at 4:14 am

Full – June 14 h. 13:52

last quarter – June 21 h. 5:11

New – June 29 h. 4:53

July 2022

first quarter – 7 July u. 4:14

Full – 13 July u. 20:38

last quarter – July 20. 4:19 PM

New – 28 July u. 19:55

August 2022

first quarter – August 5 13:07

Full – August 12 03:36

last quarter – 19 August 06:36

New – August 27 10:16 am

Sep 2022

First Quarter – September 3rd at 8:08 PM

Full Moon – September 10 at 11:58

Last Quarter – September 17 at 11:52 PM

New Moon – September 25 at 11:54 PM

Kupała Night 2022. When does it fall and how is it celebrated?

Kupała Night is sometimes called Slavic Valentine’s Day and there is actually something going on. It used to be a day when young people could get together and have sex with the permission of the elders. In the Old Slavic tradition, the Kupała night, also known as a copper night and a kupała night, is a holiday closely related to the summer solstice of the sun, therefore it is celebrated on the night of June 21-22, when the day is the longest of the year and the night the shortest. It is a festival of fire, water, sun and moon, fertility, joy and love, mainly celebrated in the lands inhabited by Slavic peoples, but similar rites were practiced by Finns or Estonians. When the sun entered the sign of Cancer, our ancestors lit fires at cisterns to combine the cleansing power of the flames with a bath in a lake or pond. It was a time of unlimited fun, joy and enjoyment of the benefits of life, including the physical ones.

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