The winners of this year’s edition of the Our eTwinning project have been selected…

In this year’s edition of the “Our eTwinning Project 2022” competition, a total of 20 innovative educational projects in four age categories and five additional categories were awarded.

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On Thursday, June 6, the award ceremony of the competition “Our eTwinning Project 2022” took place in Warsaw. 82 projects were submitted for the 17th edition of the competition this year, and 20 were awarded in four age categories and five additional categories.

At the opening of the gala, Dr. Paweł Poszytek, the Director of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, the main achievements of the eTwinning program. As he noted, they are best represented with numbers. “Out of 140 thousand projects carried out across Europe, no fewer than 40,000 are Polish projects. It is 17 years of experience and having fun together. Something that seemed strange 17 years ago and no one knew how the fate of this program would continue, turned out not to be a great success only in Poland, but also in Europe. Recently it also turned out that it is a program that responds to various unpredictable things that happen around us, such as a pandemic or distance education,” said Poszytek.

As he pointed out, thanks to projects carried out by teachers as part of eTwinning projects and international cooperation, pupils acquire competences that cannot be rapidly developed in the course of regular school education.

“The menu of these competencies is very long and very important. (…) This is openness to the world, i.e. the acquisition of certain entrepreneurial qualities, the ability to communicate in a group, the ability to work in a group and the ability to approach problems in a creative way”, summed up up the director.

Małgorzata Garkowska, the coordinator of the “STEAM Like Leonardo” project, which won in the eTwinning Ambassador category, explained that the aim of the project was on the one hand to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of an outstanding scientist, and on the other to showcase his achievements and inspire students with his inventions.

“The students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of this scientist in the world of art, engineering and technology. To see him in a very different light – as an inventor with amazing horizons. During the classes, each student could find a piece that interests them, because the abbreviation STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics “- explained Garkowska.

The project “rESCue possible!” Won first place in the category of projects for students from 3 to 6 years old carried out by the kindergarten with integration departments No. 226 of the Little European in Warsaw. In the category of students aged 7-10, the first place was awarded to the project “STEAMIST” of Primary School No. 5 in Bolesławiec.

The prize in the category for pupils aged 11 to 15 was won by the Primary School’s “My Water Footprint” project. Of the White Eagle in Sokołowice. The winning project in the category of projects for students aged 16 to 19 years was the “Futuropia” project, prepared by a team from the Technical School of the Lower Silesian School Complex in Karpacz.

This year also awards were given in the “debut” category for projects carried out by teachers who started in the programme. The award was won by Martyna Minda from Żołnierzy Armii Krajowej Public Primary School, 72 Infantry Regiment in Mniszek for the project “The Calendar of Emotions & Values”.

The national competition “Our eTwinning Project”, organized annually by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, is aimed at teachers of all subjects, principals, librarians and other teachers of kindergartens and schools. The aim is to disseminate the best international eTwinning projects implemented with the participation of Polish teachers – projects that help positively change Polish (and European) education.

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