The project “Kasprowy” SP 4 won the 8th edition of the Zielona Pracownia – Racibórz Internet Portal competition

The author of the studio’s project entitled “Kasprowy”, which won the competition in two stages – first for the project and then for its implementation – is the biology teacher SP 4 Anna Wacławczyk

This studio is the first Green Studio in Racibórz created as part of the WFOŚiGW competition in Katowice.

From the new school year, students of primary school No. 4 in Racibórz will learn biological, physico-chemical and geographical sciences in a new, attractive workplace, equipped with the best quality teaching materials. All thanks to the victory in the “Zielona Pracownia” competition, organized by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice. Out of 149 project entries, the jury selected 55 the most interesting and valuable projects, including Racibórz’s four projects, and awarded a prize of PLN 9,818. At the next stage of the competition, it was possible to obtain funds for the implementation of the designed studios.

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The author of the studio’s project entitled “Kasprowy”, which won two stages of the competition, is the biology teacher of primary school 4 Anna Wacławczyk. The school acquired nearly 50,000 in total. zloty. This studio will be the first Green Studio in Racibórz created as part of the WFOŚiGW competition in Katowice and from the funds of this Fund. The awards were presented on June 7 at Ogrodzieniec Castle in Podzamcze.

After the summer holidays, the students of the school return to a modified studio with access to modern technologies that facilitate learning about the micro and macro world. The room will be equipped with multimedia equipment, microscopes with preparations, a life-size human model with mapped organs, telescopes, sets of models of atoms, sets for performing physico-chemical experiments, as well as instruments and devices such as: wave inverters, electrostatic machines or Newton’s pendulum and disk. The room is also being renovated and equipped with new furniture. As a result of these activities, students have the opportunity to learn from experience and observation.

In the studio there are scheduled classes on ecology and science subjects – biology, chemistry, geography, physics. Class teachers will also be able to teach hours with a tutor on topics related to environmental protection, health and hygiene. Students of lower grades I-III are invited to the studio to participate in ecological classes and workshops and to use multimedia resources. Zielona Pracownia will be a place where science festivals, competitions, workshops, shows, exhibitions, meetings with people and organizations involved in ecological activities will take place. Students who want to develop their interests can actively prepare for competitions, create educational projects and create interesting extracurricular activities together with teachers. In addition to many benefits for the student, teaching aids are also useful for the teacher – the purchased equipment will make the teaching and upbringing process more attractive and varied, increase the students’ interest in the subject and increase their motivation to learn.

– I hope that the designed green work of “Kasprowy” will serve to arouse students’ cognitive curiosity, their creative development and the practical use of the acquired knowledge and skills. As a result, they will become young people who, looking in a scientific way, will see the beauty of the natural world and consciously take care of its conservation, guided by pro-ecological choices and attitudes – says the author of the project, Anna Waclawczyk.

The renovation works on the hall and the purchase of equipment will take place during the summer holidays, so that the students can start their studies in the new studio in September and take advantage of all its advantages and opportunities.

photo by UM Racibórz
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