Ryanair’s new requirements. Language exam for passengers with a South African passport

Ryanair has introduced additional requirements for passengerswho fly to the UK with a South African passport.

Passengers flying from various European destinations must pass an African exam before travelling the lines decided. The carrier said the form is “simple” for this purpose.

The low-cost Irish airline started testing passengers last week. The carrier states that in this way it aims to eliminate fake passports.

– If passengers are unable to complete this questionnaire, then we refuse to travel for him and he will get his money back an Irish airline spokesperson told Reuters.

New guidelines for travelers flying to Great Britain from other parts of Europebecause the largest low cost airlines do not operate direct flights from South Africa.

Critics of the idea claim that the Afrikaner language is used by only 12% of the people in South Africa. society, and moreover it is associated with racial segregation and apartheid. It is mainly spoken by the white minority in this country.

The UK government referred to the introduction of the new regulations, noting that “he was surprised by their introduction

South Africa’s Interior Ministry admitted it had warned against syndicates offering false documents on the black market has administrative tools that it regularly shares with the airlinesto limit the use of forged documents.

“We are surprised by Ryanair’s decision because we regularly contact the airlinesto provide current information on the validation of passports, such as: appearance and security “- said the ministry.

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The ministry reminded that airlines have access to an advanced passenger verification system, South African authorities they also have 24/7 passport verification service of their countryused by eg carriers.

It is unclear to what extent Ryanair has used these toolsbefore introducing its passenger-checking system, the ministry said.

“This is not a UK government requirement. Information on the requirements for South African passport holders to enter the UK is available on the UK government’s website,” the UK representative office in South Africa wrote of the new low-cost regulation.

On the other hand, the Irish authorities have not responded to a request for comment on this matter.

The case was publicized by Zinhle Novazi, among others, South African lawyer forced to take exam ahead of Ryanair’s journey from Ibiza, Spain to London on May 29.

“I was able to answer the questions,” Novazi told Reuters. But – as he admitted – he learned Afrikaans at schoolhowever, it is not his first language. The lawyer went on board, but filed an official complaint with the South African Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation on June 1.

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This is very discriminatory to the whole crowd of South Africanswho don’t speak Afrikaans, says Siphiwe Gwala.

The test is used in a completely absurd way said Conrad Steenkamp, ​​director-general of the African Language Council when asked by Reuters for comment.

Afrikaans is the third most widely used of the 11 official languages ​​of South Africa. It is used by 12 percent. with 58 million inhabitants of the country.

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