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Why is it interesting to be interested in housing on demand? See what makes Poland more and more enthusiastic about building houses without planning permission.

We live in interesting times. The prices of the first cherries in May, which amounted to several hundred zlotys per kilo, no longer surprise anyone. Just like the fact that inflation is by far higher than the rise in Poland’s salaries. Moreover, the events in the world certainly overwhelm us. No wonder we as a nation are increasingly striving for simplicity.

The fashion for minimalism started a few years ago. We used to follow it for ideological reasons rather than necessity. Now the situation is changing. Perhaps you are also beginning to realize that if you don’t build now at home without permissionyou can never do that.

The sooner you invest, the better you live in your home on a construction notification.

To Build a house it has never been a small expense. The big moves at the moment single-family home however, it exceeds the capabilities of many investors. They often give up on their plans and feel like a failure in life. They are even thinking of living on their own permanently summer housealthough it wouldn’t be legal. And a city apartment? Rent and take advantage of it.

The Polish Order, introduced on January 3, 2022, gives you new opportunities. You can now bet on the application residential building† Importantly, the construction area can now be as large as 70 m2† Given the rising prices of building materials, it is better to do it now than to wait for another opportunity to pass.

By building a single-family house up to 70 m2, you take care of your health.

What else have you had enough of besides the rising cost of living? Probably eternal rush and headaches too often. Cities are not green at all. developers they build up even the smallest piece of land. Your body is exposed to constant stress, which it can hardly handle due to hypoxia.

The thought of going out into nature is not a whim at all. It’s common sense. This way you take care of your health and you can finally relax. And people who are relaxed, according to all research, live longer and spend less on doctors.

A house without a building permit on its own plot means more independence.

Do you have anyone among your friends who took out a loan 10 years ago? How high does he pay each month? What can he afford? Are you sometimes jealous of him? What about investing in? To Build a house now about the size of an average city apartment? Not only is it a reasonable expense, the term will not be high if you decide to take out a loan.

In addition, the smaller the size, the less you will pay for heating or electricity. The lower the cost of living, the more you can spend on pleasure. And in houses on request contrary to appearances, life is very comfortable.

Building a house without a summer or residence permit. Make an impression.

There are also investors who care about ecology. smaller House it is less resources used in the construction. If you invest in modern technologies such as solar panels or a heat pump with recuperation, you have two advantages. Not only do you take care of the planet, you also have smaller bills.

Not to mention that you can freely grow whatever you want in your own garden. For example, organic fruits and vegetables. In this way you support producers of harmful substances with which shop products are coated.

Build a house without formalities? Build a house all year round with a simple procedure.

You can quickly and easily build a house without a permit. You do not need to keep a construction log. You do not need construction supervision in the form of a construction manager. All you need is a declaration of acceptance of responsibility for the management of the construction site. Check that too construction project complies with the Local Development Plan or the development conditions decision. It is also important whether the area of ​​influence of the building falls completely within the plot.

As you can see, for build a house on demand there are many arguments. It remains only to find designyou will like it. On the website you will find unlicensed Scandinavian style house designs. Check it out now and see which one captures your imagination.

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