“A son and his daughter-in-law instead of taking out a loan for an apartment and buying a decent car, lose money for travel. Bad for them on our lot? – Real life

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Again they don’t come for the weekend† My husband and I don’t even ask what their plans are because it’s known – another trip abroad. And recently they were in Paris, because that’s where they had to spend New Year’s Eve! Then they went skiing in Slovakia and now they invented this glacier. They definitely need to see how things are going there.

– How much did they have to spend on the equipment itself! The husband whined. – And the tickets? After all, air travel is fortune† As if they couldn’t go to Zakopane or Szczyrk…

“And remember that wine we drank when they invited us to dinner?” – I remembered. – Maciek then said to himself that it cost more than 200 zlotys. Imagine? 200 zloty for a bottle of wine?! Massacre as they say! And I believe that it’s just a scandal!

The husband nodded.

– Yes, but it was their third wedding anniversary after all. It is not appropriate to celebrate such an occasion with only a pisser – Zenek quoted his son’s words and then frankly admitted that he had never drunk anything so delicious. – I probably wouldn’t try something like that in my life. And you also drank a lot… – he pointed it out to me.

– And there! I waved my hand. – But exactly: third birthday with no signs of stabilization† Neither the apartment has its own, not even a decent car. Not to mention the baby! They keep thinking where to fly, what to see, where to spend the money they make. Marta even joked that once they calculated how much time they spent on the plane, it turned out to be a few weeks.

They like to rock each other in the cloudswhat to do – sighed the husband. – But there are adults.

– Adults! i criedwith pleasure. – Zero responsibility. A house on a piece of land is in need of renovation! We can’t do it alone. And Maciek loved coming here as a child. Maybe if we tell him, he’ll remember, he’ll miss…

– You cook a good dinner Zenek rubbed his hands. – Let’s have dinner, talk with some wine. True, not that for a few hundred zlotys, but are the Bulgarian that bad?

I couldn’t stand it. My nerves ran out…

They came to visit on Sunday, as always, terribly excited about something:

– But we did it! – cried Maciek from the entrance.

– Secure did you get a cheap loan for an apartment? – I wanted to get the conversation back on track right away.

They looked at each other very confused.

– Loan? uh, no! Only Marta found a super cheap flight offer to South America on the internet…

– No, no, they haven’t seen you there yet?! – I cried, for my nerves are gone. † Finally, remember!

My husband hissed at me, so I ran to the kitchen. “How do you get to them?” – I thought. – They’re crazy. Maciek followed me:

“Mom, I think we should finally talk,” he began calmly.

– Jesus! – I was terrified. – You want to emigrate there! Let us old…

– Mom, take it easy! We are not emigrating anywhere, nor do we intend to. We just want to clear up a few things for you. But to understand us, you have to look at the world with our eyes

“Okay,” I calmed down a bit, then went urgently for lunch.

I understood that it made them happy

However, I could barely eat. I wondered what it meant to ‘see the world through our eyes’. Finally, after lunch, with wine and cake, we sat down on the couch. Maciek brought a bag with a laptop from the hall and positioned it so that both Zenek and I could see the screen.

– We’ve never shown you movies of the places we’ve been before. Always this lack of time, hurry. AND it’s worth a look.

So we looked. Really – there was something to admire! And they are so happy in these pictures…

– Sonny – said the husband with a sigh – I’ll be honest: I don’t come to South America anymore! Hart, you know, after a heart attack, and it’s such a long flight. But I’m glad you want to fly for me. And for mom.

I kicked him under the table:

“Traitor! And our deal?” – I thought. But then Marta showed me her run down the slope. I’ve never even strapped my skis on† Not with my arthritis…

– You know what, Terenia, I think so … Let them still hang in these clouds, as long as they are young and healthy – sighed the man, as the son and his daughter-in-law left. – Do you remember, we also dreamed of long journeys† We didn’t make it, so at least show them the world. And the house on the plot, no hare, wait.

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