Zamojskie Lato Teatralne 2022. Tickets can be purchased. The sooner, the cheaper

We wrote about the fact that this year’s 47th edition of ZLT will run from June 25 to July 10 some time ago, revealing the first program. Today it is already known in its entirety. On the first day, Kiev Street Theater Highlits will perform the “Happy Fairy Tale About a Sad Beauty” at the Water Market (13.00). On the same day in the evening (at 9:30 pm) in the Main Market Square, the same artists, accompanied by the Vuala group from Lviv, will present an outdoor performance called “Clown’s Stop”, a combination of theater and circus art.

Both performances are available for free. But in the ZLT program there are also those for which you have to pay an entrance fee. These include, for example, “Shame” by the Ludowy Theater from Krakow, which will be performed on the stage of the Zamość House of Culture on June 30, or the “Fraudsters” scheduled the next day, with whom the Och Theater in Warsaw will come to Zamość. Tickets have been on sale for over a week.

– Some are already gone and it’s worth buying them sooner, because they’re just cheaper now – encourages Diana Maciąg, head of the marketing department at ZDK. The same rule applies to ticketed performances.

The full ZLT program is available on the ZDK website and at Our editorial team is one of the media patrons of the event, and the honorary members are Andrzej Wnuk, the mayor of Zamość and the artists Beata Ścibakówna and Jan Englert.

Let us remind you that the history of the event dates back to July 31, 1976, when Jan Machulski and the Ochota Theater performed Romeo and Juliet on the Main Market Square. In the coming decades, almost all Polish professional theaters and many foreign theaters, including from Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia. Since 1985, the ZLT audience has awarded its own prize for the most interesting performances – the Hetman’s Staff.

Zamość Theater Summer 2022 – PROGRAM

“A merry fairy tale about a sad beauty” – Kiev Street Theater Highlights

June 25, 2022 h. 13.00, Rynek Wodny free entrance

“Klunada Stop” – Highlights of Kiev Street Theater and Lviv Vuala Theater

June 25, 2022 h. 21.30 Rynek Wielki free entrance

“Eurydyka” – Teatr Biuro Podróży in Pozna

June 26, 2022 h. 21.30 Rynek Wielki free entrance

“A story of a light princess” – Foundation Itakzagramy Theater “Szafa Kultury” in Warsaw

June 27, 6 p.m. open-air stage on the Grand-Place, ticket: PLN 10

“Shame” – Folk Theater in Krakow

June 30, 2022 at 7 p.m. Zamojski House of Culture

tickets: until 15.06 – 35 PLN, from 16.06 – 50 PLN

“Scammers” – Oh – Theater in Warsaw and Beta Art

July 1, 2022 h. 17.00 and 20.00 Zamość House of Culture

tickets: until 10.06 – 35 PLN, from 11.06 – 50 PLN

Congo Idea Mia Group

July 2, 2022 h. 19.00 Zamość House of Culture

tickets: until June 20 – PLN 25, from June 21 – PLN 40

“EkoOpera” – Drunk Bedroom Theater in Warsaw

July 4, 2022 h. 21.30 Water market

ticket: PLN 15

“God of Murder” – Dramatyczny Theater Aleksander Węgierka in Białystok

6 July 2022 19.00 Zamość House of Culture

tickets: until June 24 – PLN 35, from June 25 – PLN 50

Versalio Sodai Klaipėda Castle Theater (Lithuania)

July 10, 2022 21.30 The Great Market Square

Free entrance

Pass for the performances: “Shame”, “Cheaters”, “Congo”, “EcoOpera”, “God of Murder”

until June 15 – PLN 120, from June 16 PLN 160 available from May 25, 2022 at the ZDK office from 7.30 – 15.15. Tickets can also be purchased one hour before the performance and on the Zamojski Summer Theater website in the “tickets” tab.


Theater studies performed by amateurs – theater enthusiasts presented before the performances:

Congo 2.06. (Wiktoria Kruk, director: Hanna Piaseczna and Aurelia Luśnia)

“EkoOpera” 4.06 (Karolina Burdzy, Anna Harke, Kamil Kwarciany, director – Sławomir Narloch)

“God of Murder” 6.06 (Diana Maciąg, Tomasz Nadolski, Marta Słomianowska, Wojciech Sternik, directed by Kamila Wróbel-Malec)

“For the Theater Summer in Zamość – about guest appearances in Zamość in the interwar period” – a lecture by Barbara Michalczyk – June 26 at 20.00 Patio of the Zamojski Hotel

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