Who is the coach of Lech na Maciej Skorża? There is only one natural successor

Maciej Skorża leaves Lech Poznań completely unexpectedly, “for personal and life reasons”. Lech Poznań fought to keep the 2022 Polish champion’s coach in the club, but the coach’s decision is now final. – We believe that we are not saying “goodbye” to the coach, but “goodbye” – said the president, Karol Klimczak. Lech Pozna faces a difficult choice for Maciej Skorża’s successor. Only one trainer seems to be a natural successor – his longtime assistant Rafał Janas

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It is this long association with coach Maciej Skorża that has really defined Rafał Janas for a long time. A common expression in the media is not only the first and last name of the trainer, but a group “Maciej Skorża’s assistant, Rafał Janas”. It may be time to come out of the shadows.

In the PKO Ekstraklasa season that has just ended, it happened that the coach Rafał Janas – replacing Maciej Skorża – appeared at pre-match press conferences. He then admitted that he and Maciej Skorża have different views on the terrain issues, he even mentioned “bumps” and “two crises”. Also, when Lech Poznań had already secured the Polish championship and Maciej Skorża suggested that his entire training staff participate in the press conference, Rafał Janas presented totally different toughest moments of the season than his boss

The cooperation of both trainers, consisting of exchanging opinions, even hard ones, instead of nodding, can be the basis of the success of this staff. When Maciej Skorża rejoined Lech Poznań in the spring of 2021behind the scenes you could hear that the arrival with him of Rafał Janas, who was missing during the stormy end of his first term (2014-2015), could prevent a possible crisis or its escalation.

Rafał Janas has always been Maciej Skorża’s assistant except for his first term in Lech Poznań, so the coaches worked together in places like:

  • Wisla Krakow (July 2007-March 2010, including the 2008 and 2009 Polish Championships),
  • Legia Warsaw (July 2010 – May 2012, including 2011 and 2012 Polish Cups),
  • Ettifaq (Saudi Arabia, September 2012 – June 2013),
  • Pogon Szczecin (July 2017 – October 2017),
  • Representation of United Arab Emirates U23 (March 2018 – February 2020).

Both coaches were also present staff of Paweł Janas On 2006 World Championshipbut for Rafał Janas it was an episode, and Maciej Skorża was a permanent assistant manager at the time.

Rafał Janas was born on March 15, 1977 to his father Pawe Janas, he already played for the Polish national team and soon moved from Widzew Łódź to Legia Warszawa. In the years 1982-1986 Paweł Janas was a French footballer Auxerre and it is in the nursery of this club that he is small Rafał Janas started training. As a player, he was associated with Legia, WKP Włocławek, Gwardia Warszawa, KP Konin, Okęcie Warszawa and Hutnik Warszawa.

as he added Rafał Janas in an interview with Interia“He even trained with his father in Legia, but his father did not let him make his debut in the first team”. – When we think back to the old times in our conversations today, Dad sometimes even wonders if he should “push” me more. But there is nothing bad that would turn out not to be good: I fulfill myself as a coach – emphasizes Rafał Janas.

So how could Rafał Janas, despite a good start in adult football, thanks to training in Legia, kick the ball so quickly as a player?

From November 2013 to November 2016, Rafał Janas single-handedly led the Polish junior teamfirst born in 1996 (among the students were eg Jan Bednarek and Adam Buksa), and then the year 1995 (Robert Gumny, Kamil Joswiak, Karol Swiderskiz) and 1998 (Przemysław Płacheta, Krystian Bielik

Rafał Janas was also an independent (and temporary) coach of Pogoń Szczecin in one match. After Maciej Skorża was released, and before the arrival of Kosta Runjaic, he led Pogoń in the 1-3 match between Ekstraklasa and Legia Warsaw (November 5, 2017).

As Rafał Janas himself says, he had the opportunity to work independently in Ekstraklasa, but he decided not to take advantage of the offer.

Rafał Janas knows the current Lech Poznań and Lech Pozna knows Rafał Janas. Since the club won the coveted Polish championship after seven years, President Piotr Rutkowski, he will probably want – as far as possible – to continue Maciej Skorża’s solutions. Promotion of his old assistant in these circumstances would be a natural solution. And minimize the shock of Maciej Skorża’s departure. On June 14, Lech Pozna draws the key, first round of the preliminary rounds of the Champions League† First match in less than a month (July 5 or 6), rematch a week later (July 12 or 13).

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