These summer dresses are so pretty that they complete the whole look! They will save situations on those days when you don’t know what to wear

Are you looking for a summer dress? Then you couldn’t have done better. From the novelties for the spring-summer 2022 season, we have selected models that are not only in line with trends, but are also so beautiful that you will not miss any compliments. They will prove themselves on those days when you have no idea what to wear or have the time to complete sophisticated styling.

You probably know this state. You get up too late – it’s only after the third nap on the phone that time is running out and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Sounds familiar? In such situations, it is best to reach for a dress. Especially in the spring or summer, when you don’t need anything else (except shoes and a handbag of course). Even if it still needs to be ironed, it won’t take long. And the dress – whether it’s mini or maxi (both equally fashionable this season!) – always impresses. And you don’t have to think about what to choose for it – it will create the whole look by itself. Any problem? You have to have the right models in the closet. Effective and comfortable at the same time. With characteristic details such as a flounce at the bottom or puff sleeves, made from high-quality natural fabrics or simply in a surprising color. Where to look for them? We’ve already done our research and we’re not going to keep our findings a secret. We present the most beautiful dresses for the summer of 2022 that will make you never say: I have nothing to wear† You can choose the color!

Summer dresses 2022 so beautiful that they are going to make the whole look!

Oversized gingham check dress, Big Star

One of the most fashionable designs for the summer (which returns almost every year)? Gingham or Vichy check, which Brigitte Bardot had a particular soft spot for years ago, and is now adored by top influencers. A small check, most often found in white and black, white and red, white and blue, white and yellow, or white and pink, is especially common on dresses, such as a Big Star shirt dress. The model deserves an extra plus because of its slightly puffed sleeves. Must-have!

1970s Maxi Dress Mango

If you are looking for a dress for the summer of 2020, it is worth taking inspiration from the 70s style, which will remain in trend next season in a row. You get to know him through the maxi-length, as well as the multicolored psychedelic patterns for which the flower children had a weakness. This is not to say that the dress cannot be modern at the same time. The best proof? Maksi from Mango decorated with delicate fringes. This is the perfect dress for a wedding, but also for a walk in a trendy summer resort.

Long shirt dress, Big Star

A shirt dress is a style that never goes out of style. Especially since it’s perfect for summer styling for work. It has a formal cut, so it is impossible to deny its elegance. And at the same time it is very comfortable. This is due to the loose cut and natural fabrics from which it is used. We caught the eye with a light blue Big Star long shirt dress, which is decorated not only with an ultra-fashionable check pattern, but also with a characteristic tie that beautifully emphasizes the waist. It is an investment for years and now for sale!

ps. The brand suggests that you don’t just have to wear it in the form of a dress. It will also work well in a buttonless version – paired with jeans and a T-shirt. Just in time for the weekend!

Pink jacquard dress, reserved

We have no doubt that you will impress in a light pink jacquard mini dress with a beautiful bow at the back (with a characteristic drape at the front). You can find it in the latest Reserved collection and also attract attention thanks to the mini length promoted on the catwalks and the spectacular puff sleeves. It will be perfect for a bigger getaway!

Dress with flowers, Mango

The summer of 2022 is also hard to imagine without a floral dress. Although the pattern that returns every season is already making jokes – like in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, we still don’t get bored. No wonder, it is very effective! The Mango dress in white and red is the best proof of this.

Knitted oversized dress, Big Star

With quiet weekends at home in mind, it’s also worth getting a soft knit dress† Ideally – in an oversized version. Much more stylish than the sweatshirt, it’s as comfortable as it is so you won’t want to take it off. Especially if you opt for a model with tasteful details, such as fine wrinkles or a belt that emphasizes the waist. Or for an original cut.

Knitted dress attached to the body, Sprandi / CCC

Among knitted dresses, it is also worth choosing a model that fits the body perfectly, ie the so-called bodycon† In a delicate stripe and/or in a fashionable color (pastels and nudes lead the way). Just this and so much!

Shirt dress with flowers, Reserved

Reserved’s shirt dress also stood out this season, whose classic cut is interrupted by the characteristic floral pattern. In tasteful colours. It works well both at work and at a party in nature. You also put her on the list of your dreams dresses for summer 2022

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