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Summer is the most colorful, sunny and pleasant season of the year. During this time we have a lot of room to show off when it comes to choosing decorative and practical garments. We hide thick woolen hats and replace them with fashionable scarves! Colorful in the casual style, as well as the monochromes for formal outfits, they not only protect against wind and cold, but also form a perfect decorative accent for any styling. Which scarf can get your recognition?

Don’t just put women’s scarves around your neck!

Small square scarves are mainly used by men. Women like the bigger ones. Why? Because we can create so many fashion trends from one seemingly simple piece of fabric.

Women’s scarves are one of the most universal and practical gadgets. We usually wear them around the neck – they provide warmth, but also have a decorative function. You can wrap the neckline and neckline with a fashionable scarf, which will add an interesting expression to the styling. You can also put a scarf over your head to protect yourself from wind and sun. This garment is undoubtedly perfect for styling for the warmer seasons – spring, summer and autumn.

In addition to the standard purpose, women’s scarves in the original edition should be treated as an accent. In line with current trends, it is worth using them, for example, as:
– purse belt – choose a scarf instead of a traditional belt or chain attached to the set of bags or sachets. You can also braid this accessory into a thick circle necklace. Effect: refined decoration adapted to any outfit, perfect variation for simple bags;
– belt for pants – replace the belt with a large scarf. This keeps the pants in the right place, emphasizes the waist and diversifies the styling;
– sun scarf – in the spring and autumn the weather can surprise you. Bring a scarf to protect yourself from the cold, and as soon as it gets warmer, use it as protection from the hot sun rays;
– ornament – women’s scarves can be treated as decoration. They diversify simple jackets, break the norms of classic jackets and monotonous sweaters;
– headband – thin women’s scarves, made of soft and airy materials, you can transform them into practical ties and headbands at any time;
– a wristband – you can wrap scarves around your wrist, creating an original bracelet.

How to wear women’s scarves for different styles?

A women’s scarf is a relatively simple and thin scarf. You can tie it up in many ways. If you want to put it around your neck, just tie a simple knot to make a triangular ornament. In this version, women’s scarves go perfectly with dresses and spring coats.

On the other hand, a rolled twist provides a little more warmth – so on cold spring mornings and evenings, pull on a scarf, for example with wool sweaters or classic ramones. By tying the scarf in the form of a bow, you get an elegant accessory that emphasizes even a classic women’s suit or costume in a fantastic way.


What colors of women’s scarves are fashionable?

Currently, women’s scarves are made from various fabrics. You can meet models made of tulle or polyester, but the most desirable, pleasant to the touch and easy to care for are made of natural cotton and silk. The latter of these materials retains heat and at the same time allows air to pass through. A scarf made of it protects you from adverse weather conditions, but also gives class to any styling. In terms of colors, you can go crazy – choose safe, restrained shades or contrast with other elements of the outfit.


Not just the color and pattern – pay attention to the material of the scarf
A scarf is by definition a type of scarf, usually square. This type of haberdashery is usually made of silk. There is nothing strange about that, because the natural material is a fiber with a subtle sheen, slightly slippery, soft and delicate to the touch. This material is actually made for the production of garments that come into direct contact with the skin. A silk scarf for women fits perfectly around the neck and creates a wavy decoration.


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