The hot and stormy summer is getting closer and closer. We know when it will finally get warm

  • Until Friday, we are announcing frequent rainfall and storms, some powerful, in most parts of the country. However, it gets warm, and even hot in the east, up to 26-29 degrees Celsius
  • We’ll see a drop in temperature and a calming weather over the weekend, but warmer air masses are likely to return early next week, combined with storms
  • In light of current forecasts, the long weekend of June will be accompanied by high temperatures, sometimes even hotter. However, we will have to watch out for storms
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Poland is currently under the influence shallow low pressure areas, hence the occurrence of rain and storms. The highlands are too far from our country to be able to influence the radiation in Central Europe for longer and to guarantee stable weather. We are under the influence moderately warm polar sea air, therefore we do not shiver from the cold, but also avoid tiring heat.

Current location of storms and rainfall in Poland you can follow the radar below.

It should be one of the hottest places on Friday Podlasie, Lubelszczyzna, Podkarpacie and eastern Mazovia, where the maximum temperature will be 26 to 29 degrees Celsius. In other regions we expect a much more pleasant 20-25 degrees C, only locally, especially in rainfall, by the sea and in the mountains it can be slightly below 20 degrees Celsius. From Saturday the temperature will be the same, then we will see 20-25 degrees Celsius everywhere

The rest of the text below the video.

The presence of fronts near Poland will allow it will often rain and thunder. On Wednesday, storms will bypass the narrow belt from Żuławy to the Silesian Lowlands, on Thursday they will be everywhere, and on Friday from Warmia, Masuria and Podlasie to the Beskids and the Carpathians. It is possible that the phenomena will be severe, combined with strong wind gusts up to 80 km per hour, hail and showers.

The next few days will be rainy and stormyThe coming days are going to be rainy and stormy –

Individual storm cells have to merge into larger structures, so there is a chance that rainfall will cover a larger area. The latest forecasts indicate that mainly from Warmia, Mazury and Podlasie to the southern provinces the average rainfall at the end of the week will sometimes exceed 20-40 mm, which is very good news in the context of drought mitigation. We expect less precipitation in the east and west.

By Monday, precipitation totals will sometimes exceed 20-30mm.  amountsBy Monday, rain totals will sometimes exceed 20-30mm –

At the beginning of next week we will see an increase in temperature. Especially in the center and in the south, mercury columns will again approach 30 degrees C, but this value is unlikely to be met or exceeded† The warm-up only takes about ten hours because it will roll quickly through Poland atmospheric front with strong thunderstorms, downpours and hail.

In the middle of the month, the rainfall starts to slowly decrease and fadeIn the middle of the month, the rainfall starts to slowly decrease and fade –

After the front has passed, we expect things to calm down for a while. The temperature should never exceed 18-25 degrees Celsius and we will rest from stronger storms. Will appear many moments with the sun and only in places does it rain for a while and has a weak thunder.

The temperature will also dropThere is also a temperature drop –

Everything indicates that a more pleasant appearance will also no longer remain in Poland. During Corpus Christi (Thurs 16 June) and the long weekend in June the predictions will appear the next temperature rise, which should rise to 25-30 degrees Celsius, and locally even exceed these values. In the beginning, the heat will be accompanied by sunny weather, but from the west, active cool weather is likely to arrive soon Atmospheric fronts with dangerous storms.

Heat may occur after mid-JuneIt can get hot after mid-June –

What an interwoven, indecisive weather it should also extend to the third decade of June. This means that we have to prepare for short gusts of wind with temperatures around 30 degrees as well as for cooling. During the exchange of air masses there will be storms that can cause damage.

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